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2012 SkillsUSA CEO Champion of the Year

SkillsUSA has named Nicholas T. Pinchuk, Chairman and CEO of Snap-on Incorporated, as the 2012 SkillsUSA Champion of the Year. On September 18, Mr. Pinchuk was honored at the 2012 SkillsUSA Champion of the Year Award dinner in Washington, DC. Mr. Pinchuk is a strong advocate for Career and Technical Education. Throughout the years he has provided powerful leadership in the development of initiatives that connect industry and education. “All commerce, all industry, all businesses benefit from a robust American economy. Today, one of the most important things we can do to propel forward the American economy is to invest in Career and Technical Education,” says Pinchuk.

The Champion of the Year Award has been established by SkillsUSA to recognize the chief executives of corporations who have distinguished themselves over a period of years for outstanding achievements in corporate and community leadership, in high ethical standards, successful growth of their corporate team, and a commitment to integrating diversity in all areas of their corporate business to ensure and promote the ideals of a skilled workforce in America.

“SkillsUSA has gone beyond the technical capability and given [its members] life skills—how to speak to people, how to present, and how to work in teams,” says Pinchuk.

The mission of SkillsUSA is to help its members become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American Citizens. SkillsUSA programs help to establish industry standards for job skill training in the lab and classroom, and promote community service.

WATCH interview with Nicholas Pinchuk

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