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2012 FCCLA Fall Leadership Conference

On September 26-27, over 675 FCCLA state and chapter officers and advisers met at the Provo Marriott for the FCCLA Fall Leadership Conference. State officers taught workshops to chapter presidencies and advisers received training for the upcoming year. Chapter presidents had their own summit within the conference where they learned their roles and responsibilities, learned effective social media techniques and how to delegate to the officer team. The two day meeting included, lessons, workshops, and speakers on subjects that made students better leaders throughout their lives, including leadership through FCCLA. The conference was a way for officers to mingle, learn, and network with one another.

“Going to Fall Leadership was a great experience. I met new people and learned so much about being a better leader. Not only did I learn how to get people involved, but I learned how to make it exciting and fun! I’m looking forward to bringing the new things we learned to Tooele’s FCCLA,” said Taylor Bennett, Tooele High School FCCLA Chapter President.

One of the highlights of the conference was the keynote speaker Brad Barton. Brad Barton is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and master magician. Brad spoke on the magic we each have inside of us, including the ability to make great and “magical” things happen in our lives, no matter where we start out or what our circumstances may be. He talked about how to possess the magic to create a bright and successful future, whether leading your peer group, serving your community, or building a rewarding personal life. His presentation not only left the crowd awe struck from his magic tricks, but also from the inspiring words he spoke.

A popular conference event was the “Pie the State Officer” competition. This was a fundraising event for “Share Our Strength.” FCCLA members chose the officer they most wanted to be “pied” by contributing money in a box given to each state officer. At the end of the week, the money in each box was totaled and the three officers with the most money were given a pie in the face. The three officers who won the honor to be “pied” were Ashley Labrum, Parker Hyde, and Lexi Heugly. The event was a huge success and generated over $400.00. 

“I thought the State Officers did a wonderful job with organizing a great Fall Leadership! I felt that our FCCLA Officers were able to bond with each other and meet new people, to get ideas  to help in their planning for the year. It helped me as an adviser to visit with other advisers to form a network and share ideas,” said Marianne Pallas, American Fork High FCCLA Adviser.

2012-2013 FCCLA State Officers:
Eric Wilcox – President
Madison Barton – 1st Vice President
Parker Hyde – VP of STAR Event
Aubrey Christensen – VP of Social Media & History
Lexi Heugly – VP of Public Relations
Savannah Allmon – VP of Membership
Spencer Chugg – VP of Community Service
Ashley Labrum – National VP of Programs

For the 2012-2013 school year, the FCCLA State Officers have chosen the theme “Pack Your Bag” with the motto “Climb to Your Future”. They have chosen five goals for chapter members to focus on throughout the year. They are:

Goals and Challenge:

  1. Buddy Up: Each chapter member recruits a friend to join FCCLA.
  2. Slow Down, Observe: Each chapter does a beneficial community service project.
  3. Feed the Need: Each chapter completes and submits at least one National Program.
  4. Tread the Path: Each chapter member completes all the components of the Power of One and/or Dynamic Leadership.
  5. Study the Map: Each chapter member memorizes three new facts about FCCLA.

“Fall Leadership proved yet again to be a great experience for all who attended. Each attendee took something new home with them and learned from the experiences they had at the conference,” said Lexi Heugly, FCCLA VP of Public Relations.

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