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Message from Gary Wixom, Assistant Commissioner, Utah System of Higher Education

As we move into the New Year, there is always a certain amount of optimism about what is ahead. We have an opportunity to start new approaches to old problems and to set new goals with new enthusiasm. The year 2011 promises to bring new opportunities for Career and Technical Education. There is hope that the U.S. economy will continue on a path of growth and recovery from the worst recession in recent history. As the job market recovers, the need for skilled workers is becoming more apparent, and the critical shortage of skilled workers has many worried about Utah’s and the nation’s ability to meet the needs of the future workforce. Demand is increasing for you to be prepared as “knowledge technologists” with specific education and skills. Career and Technical Education will assist you in obtaining the skills you need to be successful in the workplace. The skills you develop today will directly impact the future of the national and state economy.

One of the ways to achieve the skills you will need for the future is to be involved in a well-defined CTE Pathway. Your school counselor can assist you in planning your educational map.

Career and Technical Education offers Pathways to YOUR future; get started! Talk to your school counselor and visit UtahCTE.org, today.

Have a great year!

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