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Secondary Pathway Completer Recognition Award

Through participation in a CTE Pathway you have the opportunity to receive a Secondary Pathway Completer Recognition Award. By concentrating in a CTE Pathway and successfully completing the required foundation courses and/or suggested elective courses, you will earn the distinction of being recognized by the state of Utah, your school district, and your high school.

Through your hard work and dedication in successfully completing a CTE Pathway you will have an advantage as you pursue further education and/or begin your career. The hands-on training you acquire and the skills you develop in a CTE Pathway, will not only prepare you for college and career, but will be assets to you throughout your life.

UtahCTE.org congratulates students in Millard School District who have completed a CTE Pathway after the first semester of their senior year. Great job!

Devron Johnson: It is not luck, but preparedness that gives us opportunities. Mrs. Meinhardt has really taught me how to be prepared. The stuff she teaches in her classes helps us as students in business.

Sharayah Shipley: I have really enjoyed the classes I have taken at the Delta Technical Center. I have been in a lot of different business experiences which has helped me grow. . .I am very excited for this achievement.

Jacom Chamberlain: I liked taking classes at the [Delta Technical Center] DTC because I work with my hands and build things. I plan to be a mechanical engineer and learning all the processes has helped me know what can be built. Mr. Willoughby has taught me a lot about machining and welding.

Devan Roper: The business classes have taught me what it would be like to own my own business. I have had the opportunity to take a variety of business subjects that will help me later in life.

Amanda Jacobson Jeremy Nielson
Amanda Sanders Jessica Nielson
Austin Furrow Jessica Phillips
Beth Ipson Jessica Stephensen
Brandon Bublitz Joana Cobian
Brian Willoughby Julieann Dutson
Casey Jackson Kaela Rowley
Cindy Baltodano Kinsey Anderson
Cody Cropper Kortney Hansen
Devan Roper Nataly Arguelles
Devron Johnson Royce Topham
Dixie Pratt Shantell Sides
Jacom Chamberlain Sharayah Shipley
Jacquelyn McPherson Valerie Baray
Jamie Burton  

Talk to your school counselor about qualifying for the Secondary Pathway Completer Recognition Award and visit UtahCTE.org. Get started!

Devron Johnson



Sharayah Shipley


Jacom Chamberlain


Devan Roper

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  1. Brighton HOSA Says:

    Today is our blood drive. We are probably the best HOSA chapter in Utah. CTE is pretty good too. Its so fun, I dont know what I would do without it. CTE is the best opportunity possible that you can be involved with in high school. I cant tell you how much fun CTE is.

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