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A Dynamic Duo in Web Design

Elli Peterson became interested in web design when she wanted to make a custom template for her forum. Rico Montoya signed up for a web design class because he was interested in learning a skill that he had fun doing, and would make for a good career. “I think a really big factor that has made me pursue Web Development as a career is the relaxed environment that the industry portrays. The more laid-back attitude means a less stressful of a work environment, and really helps to make working easier,” said Rico.

At the beginning of the school year, Elli Peterson and Rico Montoya partnered to design a website for the Canyons Technical Education Center (CTEC) Auto Collision Repair teacher, Mr. Wootton. They not only designed each web page, but filmed and edited the auto class video featured on the home page. Elli and Rico worked exceptionally well as a team and their partnership continued as they competed in numerous SkillsUSA competitions throughout the year.

In March, Elli and Rico competed in the SkillsUSA regional Web Design competition and took 1st place. They then advanced to the state competition. “State was a bit more intense; there were kids from other counties, some as far as Davis, as well as another team from our school,” said Elli. Elli and Rico wowed the judges with their Web page and took 1st place. In June, they competed at the National SkillsUSA Leadership Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. At the national competition each team was required to complete a series of challenges, with a focus on website usability and accessibility with at least one challenge related to scripting. Elli and Rico competed against 31 other teams and took 2nd place.


Elli submitted four pieces in the Salt Lake Community College 2011 Art Show. She won the Web Design portion of the competition and Elli was awarded a $50 cash prize. “Not big money, it got me a tank of gas, but it was a cool experience and that’s what I’m after,” said Elli. Then in May, Elli took “Best of Show” and Rico took 1st place in the Web Design competition (HTML/CSS Website) at the 2011 Utah Multimedia Arts Festival, at Utah Valley University.

Elli and Rico donated their talents and skills to a non-profit organization called Green Eyes in Africa and created an incredible banner/masthead for the website. During their senior year they interned with Oozle Media a local Web Development company. Upon graduation they were both hired by Oozle Media as full-time employees. “Eli and Rico are doing an incredible job and the company is extremely pleased with their new employees. Now they are talking about hiring more of our students and creating a high school to work type program at our school,” said David Kidd, Web Development instructor at the Canyons Technical Education Center.

“The goal of my class is to make the students as marketable as possible in Web Development by helping them earn college credits, industry certifications, and work experience while having fun at the same time. The way I teach my students is by hands-on, real world, projects that are given to them by me, industry professionals, and clients,” said Mr. Kidd.

“Mr. Kidd inspired me to work hard by his personal attitude and outlook about Web design. He was always showing us cool new technologies and was always very excited about our projects. His own achievements inspired me,” said Rico.

Rico Montoya

While in high school, Elli earned the IC3 and the CIW Site Development Foundation Certification. Rico earned the IC3, the CIW Site Development Foundation, and the Internet Business Foundation Certifications. Both are achieving their goals and are making a mark in the Web Design industry.

Elli Peterson and Rico Montoya: College and Career Ready!

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  1. Jayne From Creative Web Design and Hosting Says:

    I love this story – it is very uplifting. Well done to the two of you for your achievements and you journey to become designers. Donating your time and talent as well to a cause is wonderful and very fulfilling. I wish you the best in your design paths.

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