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Q&A with Alec Jenson: Utah HOSA President

Alec Jenson, a senior at Jordan High School and Utah HOSA President, tells UtahCTE.org about his goals for HOSA this year and the goals for the upcoming Fall Leadership Conference that will be held November 5, 2013 at the Marriott Hotel in Provo, Utah.

What are your goals for HOSA this year?
Alec: This year I want to make an impact on members by connecting with them via social media, and possibly a Utah HOSA website. I want to prove to them that they CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. I also want to spread our mission by having a large membership increase and getting new chapters established.

What are your goals for the Fall Leadership Conference November 5?
Alec: I want to show our local chapter leaders how to truly lead their chapter to ultimate heights so: 1) they can achieve their goals for their chapter and themselves, and 2) we as a state leadership team can achieve our goals. I want each person to take 3 BIG IDEAS away: 1) YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS, 2) Compete at state, and 3) GROW your chapter, and the people it consists of, to new pinnacles.

How has HOSA helped you to grow personally and professionally?
Alec: HOSA has [impacted my life] beyond what I EVER thought was possible. It has pushed me outside of my comfort zone time and time again. From public speaking, volunteering, to communicating with 150 chapter members, I have been able to gain immense knowledge in operating an organization of influence! It will forever have an impact on my life and my future. HOSA is a part of my DNA!

Alec Jenson participates in a TV interview
spreading the message of breast cancer awareness.

What is the value of State and National Leadership Conferences?
Alec: At State and National Leadership Conferences we are able to learn from the following experiences: creative workshops, symposiums, keynote speakers, networking luncheons, and real world competitive events. These all tie into critical soft skills that are required by all professions. I have been to two National Leadership Conferences and this past June I took 3rd place in the Community Awareness event! It has given me confidence and has inspired me to pursue greater heights in all areas of my life. Conferences are where we develop leadership skills and synergize as an organization. These conferences are necessary ladders of opportunity!

Alec Jenson (right) and his competitive event partner at the
36th Annual HOSA National Leadership Conference.
They took 3rd place in the Community Awareness event.


HOSA provides students with opportunities to attain the knowledge, skills and leadership characteristics necessary to succeed in a health care profession, through leadership training, career training, and service projects. If you’re not a member of HOSA, and would like to become a member, talk to your school counselor to get connected with the HOSA advisor in your school.

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