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Auto Mechanics: Hands-on, Skill-building, and Confidence-inspiring

By Lara Dobson
Student, Skyline High School

My eyes fluttered open to see the blinding white walls of the classroom. The bell had just rung signaling the end of third period. I raised my head and looked down at the crowded text of my Chemistry book. I knew I would be up late that night finishing the work I hadn’t started during class. I pried myself from the chair, threw my backpack over my shoulder, and started walking to fourth period. Down the history hall, out the side doors, across the sidewalk, and into the Auto Mechanics building. As always, my nose was flooded with the scent of oil and gasoline. I plopped down in a chair, but knew I wouldn’t be stationary for long. We were learning how to rotate tires that day. After a brief discussion on the plan, I put on my trusty blue mechanic suit and entered the shop. The noise coming from the drills, combined with sparks flying from a welder had me energized instantly. I listened impatiently as our teacher showed us step by step how to rotate the tires, anxious to get some hands-on experience. But, when I finally got the drill in my hands, I felt completely lost! The truth is, I had never held a drill – let alone been expected to use one – in my entire life. It took perseverance, but with practice and the help of my fellow classmates, I felt pretty competent by the end of the class.  Imagine; me, a skilled mechanic!

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