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Become a Microsoft Office Specialist

Students across the state of Utah have the opportunity to become certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) by taking MOS certified exams. Business teachers who have received training and are experts in this area are encouraging their students to take the exam in Word, Excel, and/or PowerPoint in order to be certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist. Becoming certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist gives students a competitive edge in the job market by displaying advanced Microsoft Office skills.

Brandon Jacobson, Business Education teacher at North Sanpete High School, tells about his experience with teaching, training, and giving MOS exams.

“MOAC, MOS, Certiport; some may think that this is a different language. It isn’t…it is the learning system within the Computer Technology class. In fact, within the first weeks of class these brilliant computer technology students have a pretty good understanding of what these strange, perhaps stimulating words mean. Students at North Sanpete High School are taking the challenge head-on to become a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). This is accomplished by taking a certifying exam through Certiport Exams. These test are an industry standard offered worldwide. It is amazing that these students will become more qualified in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel than some of their parents and possibly some executives and associates in high paying salaries. The challenge then transforms into new talent, untapped aptitude, and expertise to succeed with confidence.

“A state representative has asked how we are helping students to compete in the job market and become prepared for advanced education and professional expertise. Our answer is simple; this is the class that will assist in both of those areas significantly. Papers, charts, financial applications, and presentations will be prepared, designed, and displayed in a way that allows for the enhanced learning, specific explanation, and overall comprehension of that work they have prepared…simply because they took pride and applied what they learned. As an educator, a sense of gratification and satisfaction is felt when students have elevated their work by applying the concepts and skill set they acquire while in your class(es).

“Last semester (Spring 2013), when the last week was upon us many students were eager to skip the designated times of signing yearbooks, and hanging with their classmates in order to have the opportunity to take a certification exam. It seemed a little strange when some students would ask if they could come and take an exam prior to the school year being over. I mentioned many times that their grades were final and that it would not add any extra credit. However, I feel they valued the demonstration of skill and advancement in knowledge. During that spring semester we experienced a total of 87 certifying exams. 75 total students passed exams. 75 passed Word, of those 75 that passed Word, 7 students tried and passed Excel, and 5 had enough time to take and pass PowerPoint. 75 individuals have become better prepared for employment and college.

“I am now teaching about 120 students. This will reflect upwards of 360 tests by the end of January 2014. Did I say tests? I meant certified exams accomplished and passed. That is four times more than last year. I hope to see each student excel and accomplish his or her own goals. I look forward to them gaining skills and confidence in themselves and this program. This MOS platform, albeit very detailed and quite complex, has the propensity to challenge and trigger genuine growth.

Microsoft Office Specialists at North Sanpete High School

If you’re interested in becoming certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist talk to the business teacher in your school for details.

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