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Utah Students Visit NYC Fashion Industry

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Last month, Family and Consumer Sciences Education students from Nebo School District traveled to New York City to meet with designers in the Fashion Industry and tour several fashion facilities. photo 1dTraveling as a school group to NYC not only took an inordinate amount of planning, and preparation, but also took special permission from the Nebo School District school board. Teachers presented their travel plan to the school board and detailed how the experience could not be replicated in Utah. So, with the approval of the school board, teachers and students spent two years planning, preparing, and saving for the trip.

After boarding a plane in Salt Lake City the group consisting of 6 teachers and 48 students, from Maple Mountain High School, Salem Hills High School, Payson High School, Spanish Fork High School, and Springville High School, flew to New York City. Upon their arrival to the “Big Apple” the experience of a lifetime began. From touring New Amsterdam Theatre to viewing the awe inspiring interior of Radio City Music Hall to learning about career opportunities in the Fashion Industry students were amazed at the many different cultural experiences in NYC.

Below is a recap of their trip as described by Whitney Carter, Family and Consumer Sciences teacher at Spanish Fork High School.

photo 4bNew Amsterdam Theatre: This tour was one of the students’ favorites. They were able to see a Broadway stage without performers or decor while learning about the history of a Broadway theatre. They learned how the Theatre owner struggled and later succeeded through his business journey. Afterwards, we were able to go backstage and see costumes that have been used on Broadway shows, such as The Lion King, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, and Mary Poppins. The students were able to examine, touch, and even try on the costumes and props.

Radio City Music Hall: An historic building in New York City, Radio City Music Hall hosts many modern day and historic events. The interior design in Radio City Music Hall was phenomenal to see. This tour helped the students understand the detail that goes into design and how each aspect of a design serves a purpose.

Essence Magazine: This tour was an excellent opportunity for students to see what careers are available, not only in fashion and interior design but also in publishing, graphic design, and business management. The presenter for this tour was a journalist/book critic for the magazine. He provided the students with information about careers, scholarships, and internships available across the country.

Design Lab at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT): FIT has a collection of clothing ranging from the beginning of the 20th century (1900s) to the early 21st century (2000s). During this seminar, we learned about the history of fashion while seeing actual clothing examples from each decade. The presenter explained how fashion related to what was happening in our country photo 7cduring each decade, such as The Great Depression and World War II. The students were very surprised to see the correlation between history and the fashion history.

Olah Inc.: This was a seminar with a textile chemist at Olah Inc., which is a company who makes and sells denim fabric to major clothing construction companies, such as Old Navy, Gap, J.Crew, and Banana Republic. We learned about fashion merchandising, business management, and textile design.

Parsons School of Design: The students loved touring the campus of Parsons School of Design and many were very interested in learning more about the school. They really enjoyed seeing the students working on their designs, as well as seeing the types of classrooms in the fashion design school. While on campus, students learned about scholarships and other programs available at the school.

photo 6bKenneth King: Kenneth King is a couture fashion designer who started out with nothing. He presented information about his journey as a fashion designer, including the ups and the downs of the business. He explained how hard work is not fun, and times get really tough, but if you keep on pushing you can become successful. He is a great example of this because of his success in the fashion industry. Kenneth also showed the students the garments he has designed. He is a very talented designer and clothing constructor. The students were amazed at the detail and creativity of his designs.

Kleinfeld Bridal: Although a tour wasn’t scheduled at Kleinfeld Bridal we decided to go to the shop to take a few pictures. While we were in the lobby, we lucked out and the owner came out and took us on a tour. We saw a conveyor system that holds all of the dresses, dressing rooms, bridal presentation room, business offices, alterations facility, accessory department, and a hand-beading room. This tour was an unexpected surprise and a great experience. This was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Each student had an amazing experience in New York City as they learned more about the fashion industry, and the vast number of career opportunities available. What a rewarding and unforgettable trip!

photo 3dMary Pressley, the mother of one of the students who went to NYC, said this about her daughter’s experience. “Kudos to Maple Mountain High School and Nebo School District for sponsoring last week’s fabulous NYC trip. My 16-year daughter came home totally inspired and happy, with grandiose ideas of what she may want to do in her future!  I am amazed at everything the group was able to do and see—backstage on Broadway, trying on costumes, meeting with designers, touring fashion magazines, and design schools. I grew up in New York and never did anything like this.”

Utah FCCLA Conducts a Successful Fall Leadership Conference

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Alesha Hurst photoBy Alesha Hurst, Utah FCCLA VP of Public Relations

There’s nothing like the sound of hundreds of cheering teenagers to put you in a good mood, especially when they are young leaders who aim to make the world a better place. While standing onstage amidst a sea of smiling FCCLA student leaders, I felt so much pride for the outstanding organization that had brought us all together and united us in a single cause.

This remarkable event, the 2014 Fall Leadership Conference for the Utah delegation of FCCLA, proved to be a huge success as chapter officers from across the state attended leadership training workshops and participated in team-building activities. Students left the conference with fun ideas for their chapters and a renewed urge to spread the word about FCCLA.

Workshops included information about specific offices and their duties, as well as parliamentary procedure and other important topics. The focus of the conference was to give inspiration for activities and methods of leadership so that the FCCLA members of Utah would be able to have an effective, productive year. In my opinion, we accomplished our goal.

Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox was the keynote speaker for the conference. He delivered an encouraging speech about the importance of learning from failures in order to have success in life. He shared interesting stories and gave a wonderful presentation that left students feeling empowered and ready to lead.

In addition to leadership activities, members had the opportunity to give service by participating in our fundraiser for Share Our Strength, a national campaign dedicated to ending childhood hunger. We ended up raising $354.50 for the program, and as a reward, the attendees were able to watch four state officers get pied in the face. The lucky recipients of the pie facials were Tanner Richardson, Maddie Barr, Wesley Carter, and Kayla Orton.

The Utah FCCLA Fall Leadership Conference was a fantastic experience for everyone involved, and I cannot wait to see what FCCLA has in store for its members next!

FCCLA members serve photo 2 - cropped


My CTE Internship Prepared Me for the Workplace

Monday, September 29th, 2014


My name is Jessica Smith and I work for Utah State University at the Center for Human Nutrition Studies as a cook for The Polyphenol Study. I started this job in March as part of my CTE Internship through the Work-Based Learning class at Sky View High School. My internship ended in May, but I was asked to continue working for the study until it ends in November.

The Polyphenol Study is a controlled feeding study to test the affect of polyphenol on the gut bacteria. The study includes thirty participants who spend six weeks on a high polyphenol diet and six weeks on a low polyphenol diet. For the study, I do all of the same tasks I did as part of my internship, including accurately measuring ingredients, proper temperature control of foods, prepping and cooking meals, serving meals to the participants, and cleaning, and sanitizing the work area and dishes.

I plan on going into the field of dietetics and this job allows me to see [and experience] the food service and research side to dietetics. The study also counts as part of my hours needed to apply to the dietetics program at Utah State University.

It is such a rare and incredible opportunity to have a job in my field of study before I begin college. My CTE Internship opened up this job opportunity for me and allowed me to make connections with people who can help me get into the dietetics program at Utah State in the fall. I would highly recommend the Work-Based Learning class to every student at Sky View High School because it has prepared me for the workplace and college more than any other class I have taken.

Polyphenols are a group of chemicals found in many fruits, vegetables, and other plants such as berries, walnuts, olives, tea leaves, broccoli, grapes, and chocolate. They are classifies as antioxidants, meaning that they remove free radicals from the body. Free radicals are chemicals that can cause damage to cells and tissues in the body. Learn more about The Polyphenol Study at

Memories of FCCLA National Leadership Conference

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

By Makayla Hendricks, Utah FCCLA President

This year, the FCCLA National Leadership Conference was long anticipated. The excitement level of members as we boarded an early morning flight was unexplainable. As we arrived in San Antonio, Texas the afternoon of Saturday, July 5 we couldn’t get enough of the beautiful green trees, wide open spaces, not to mention the humidity. We could tell this was going to be a week to remember.

As our hyper, yet exhausted, members met that night for our state meeting. We discussed the week, registration, rules, and played a few entertaining games. Sunday brought Leadership Academy classes for some, and others got to explore the sights and sounds of San Antonio. Leadership Academy continued throughout the week. This is where state officers learned valuable leadership skills, gained ideas, and networked with other state officers.

Monday night brought our opening session. The entire room in the convention center was like a fish bowl of excitement and energy. I, as president, was given the privilege to carry Utah’s flag during the flag ceremony. Walking across that stage and feeling the energy, and hearing my members go crazy was definitely the best feeling. We heard from a keynote speaker who motivated us all and set the stage for the week.

I got the privilege to be a voting delegate and meet 20 of the National Officer Candidates. Being able to be a part of this process was quite a learning experience for me. I was able to go through a meet and greet session with all of them, as well as listen to their speeches. I have confidence that the newly elected national officers will do a fantastic job.

The closing session was bittersweet. The energy was high, but none of us wanted to leave. Following the session some members attended the gala and had the time of their lives. From competing in STAR Events to walking across the stage to receive a medal, to trading pins and meeting friends from all over the U.S., to taking selfies with these new friends, Nationals was a blast! We all learned how to SOAR and found the motivation to take a stand and lead. I miss my FCCLA Family, but Nationals 2014 in San Antonio, Texas was definitely one for the books.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Utah FCCLA contact the FCCLA adviser in your school.

Utah FCCLA Members SOAR at 2014 NLC

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

By Nikki Sue Larkin, FCCLA State Advisor

This month, the 2014 FCCLA National Leadership Conference was held in San Antonio, Texas. With the theme of “Soar”, 162 students and 65 advisers/chaperones from Utah soared as they attended dynamic workshops and break-out sessions, participated in STAR Events, met new people and expanded their leadership potential. Great memories were made at the various tourist attractions which included the River Walk, The Alamo, Six Flags, and Sea World.

Amie Peterson, Utah FCCLA VP of History, said this about the conference, “Nationals was full of exciting times. As a state officer I was able to be a part of Leadership Academy. T his consisted of classes that will help me in my future as I start to get a job and apply for colleges. At Nationals I was able to meet a lot of new people in every class I went to. I now have friend from all over the country.

Our Utah competitors finished in the FCCLA STAR Events with 41 Gold Medals, 82 Silver Medals, and 26 Bronze Medals. Fantastic! Jason Skidmore, CTE Director for Jordan School District received the FCCLA National School Administrator of the Year Award.

Jason Skidmore receives
FCCLA National School Administrator of the Year Award

At the conference 15 Utah advisers received the national Master Adviser Award.

Left to right: Aubrey Turnbow, Bingham High School; Chris Carrigan, Morgan High School;
Michelle Stott, Lehi High School; Tammie Bennett, Panguitch High School;
Emily Housely, Jordan High School; LeAnn Leavitt, Cedar High School;
Auralee Brooks, North Sanpete High School

Makayla Hendricks, Utah FCCLA State President, expressed her enthusiasm about the conference saying, “The energy was high . . . From competing in STAR Events and walking across the stage to receive a medal, to trading pins and meeting friends from all over the U.S., to taking selfies with new friends, Nationals was a blast! We all learned how to SOAR and found the motivation to take a stand and lead. I will definitely miss my FCCLA family, but Nationals 2014 in San Antonio, Texas was definitely one for the books.” 

I am proud of our students and advisers/chaperones as they represented Utah in a very professional way. Many thanks to those who made this an incredible experience.

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Utah FCCLA Members Arrive in Texas for 2014 NLC

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Today through July 10, Utah FCCLA student members are in San Antonio, Texas with more than 7,000 Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) members, advisers, alumni, and guests from across the country for the 2014 FCCLA National Leadership Conference (NLC). FCCLA student members will compete in 30 STAR Events (Students Taking Action with Recognition). STAR Events are competitive events in which members are recognized for proficiency and achievement in chapter and individual projects, leadership skills, and career preparation. From Culinary Arts to Fashion Design to Sports Nutrition to Early Childhood Education, student members compete at the district, state and then advance to the national level.

View Conference Schedule
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View the list of Utah state winners. The first place winner from each category is in San Antonio, Texas to compete at the FCCLA National Leadership Conference.

FCCLA: The Ultimate Leadership Experience

FCCLA: The Ultimate Leadership Experience is unique among youth organizations because its programs are planned and run by members. It is the only career and technical in-school student organization with the family as its central focus. Participation in national programs and chapter activities helps members become strong leaders in their families, careers, and communities.

Julia Perry: Fashion Designer Extraordinaire

Friday, June 27th, 2014

By Holly Hutchings
Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, Dixon Middle School, Provo School District

Former Provo High School student Julia Perry returned from New York to give a fashion presentation at the 2014 Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Education summer conference! Julia shared an awesome presentation! I was in awe to hear about the amazing things she has been doing since she graduated from Provo High School in 2003!

During Julia’s senior year she participated in Provo High Schools pilot New York Field Study. I was astonished to see all the things she has done and the places she has been since she graduated. When Julia was in high school she was an amazing seamstress, and her skills have only culminated into magnificent from there!

At the conference, Julia told how she started heading toward a career that didn’t quite have her heart, so she decided to change direction and follow the direction that her heart was pulling her. This direction was FASHION! After Julia decided to change career direction she applied to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). (FIT is one of the top design schools in the United States and is the school where Calvin Klein received his training.) She got accepted and studied tailoring and women’s sportswear. After graduating from FIT, Julia went to work for some of the top fashion designers such as, Cynthia Rowley, Isaac Mitzrahi, Ralph Lauren, and a number of others! She also studied at the Politecnico di Milano in Milan, Italy.

Julia has pushed herself even further, not only has she worked with great fashion designers, she is on the road to becoming one! In February, Julia launched her own line of clothing—Point&Hue—at Fashion Week Las Vegas! Way to go Julia!

Check out Julia’s clothing line at www.pointandhue.com.

Julia is currently pursuing an MBA at Brigham Young University. Many people have asked Julia why she is pursuing an MBA. Her response, “People don’t understand how much of fashion is really a business. It’s artistic, but at the end of the day it’s a business. If you don’t sell you don’t stay in business, so it’s an important thing to learn.”

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FCCLA New State Officer Training

Friday, May 16th, 2014

By Kaitlyn Ferris, Utah FCCLA State 1st Vice President

In April, the Utah FCCLA 2014-2015 state officer team had our first official meeting and training. It was full of fun, hard work, and learning. The first day we participated in a lot of activities to get to know each other. We listened to some wonderful speakers and met our new advisor, Christine Heslop, who helped us get an idea of what our responsibilities would be. After dinner we sat down and got to work planning the theme, motto, and goals for the upcoming school year. We decided on the theme “Color Your World with FCCLA” and selected the motto “Think Outside the Box”.

On the second day of training, we listened to several guest speakers who taught us how to act, look professional, and how to get sponsors from businesses. During lunch we met the parents of each state officer and presented our theme, motto, and goals for the 2014-2015 school year.

I left the conference with so much confidence in my state officer team. I know it’s all going to be a blast and we are going to work very hard and well with each other. I also learned how important it is to be a good example at all times because you never know who is watching. I know the year will be full of rewarding hard work. I am excited to meet FCCLA members throughout the state and see Utah FCCLA exceed expectations. I am looking forward to how outstanding this year will be and am very grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Utah FCCLA State 1st Vice President. This year is going to be a spectacular one.

I have high hopes for Utah FCCLA

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

By Makayla Hendricks, 2014-2015 Utah FCCLA State President

The Utah FCCLA State Conference was held on March 26-27, 2014 at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah. This year, attending the state conference was a different experience for me. At this conference I wasn’t just competing and spending a few days with my friends, this year I took a stand. I decided to stand up as a leader and run for State Office. I made the decision to run at the beginning of the school year and had anticipated the conference the entire year. But it was nothing like I had expected it would be.

The moment I stepped on the bus, at 5:30 a.m., I knew that today was the day. Today would be the day I would finally achieve the goal I had spent months preparing for. Riding on a bus at 5:30 a.m. is when most people would catchup on the sleep they had missed. But I was studying. When I arrived at the conference my stomach was already churning. I’m not one to get nervous, but this was quite possibly the biggest thing I had ever attempted to do. I walked into the Davis Conference Center and headed straight to the testing room. As I looked around the room, I saw for the first time the people that could quite possibly become my closest friends and family for the next year. I walked out of that room confident in myself, but still nervous for the rest of my day.

My interview finally rolled around and I walked out of the room with the hope that it had gone as well as I thought it did. The moment I received my letter I didn’t want to open it. For a minute I just stared at it. When I opened the letter and read that precious word “CONGRATULATIONS,” my whole body just relaxed and I took a deep breath. I had done it! My hard work had paid off and here was the proof. During the closing session the 2014-2015 Utah FCCLA State Officers were announced. That is when I learned, to my surprise, that I would be the Utah FCCLA State President.

It is such a great honor to be the new Utah FCCLA State President. People I only met for a few minutes believed in me. That gave me the confidence that I didn’t know I needed. I’m overjoyed to spend the next year leading Utah FCCLA with such talented youth. The other officers will become my best friends and my family, I feel like many of them already have. I have high hopes for Utah FCCLA. I want to raise awareness and show more students the wonderful opportunities they can have by joining FCCLA. By being a member of FCCLA and attending the conferences you feel like you’re a part of something. Presenting a STAR Event and then being recognized at a state and national level shows members their potential.

Through FCCLA I have gained self-confidence, leadership abilities, communication skills, and preparation for my future family and career. When I was in 8th grade, if someone had told me that by joining FCCLA I would not only get me out of school for a few days, but that I would eventually become the Utah FCCLA State President I would have laughed. The person I am today has everything to do with FCCLA, without it I don’t know where I would be.

2014-2015 Utah FCCLA State Officers
Makayla Hendricks – President
Kaitlyn Ferris – First Vice President
Alesha Hurst – VP of Public Relations
Amie Peterson – VP of History
Caitlin Stock – VP of Competitive Events and Programs
Elisabeth Ahlstrom – VP of Membership
Kayla Orton – VP of Community Service
Maddie Barr – VP of Social Media
Wesley Carter – VP of Development

Meet Sarah Smith: Future Family and Consumer Sciences Education Teacher

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

“I have always had a passion for cooking and working with others to solve problems. I now find myself ready to further my education to achieve my career goals. Throughout high school I have been in the ProStart program. Because of this great program, it will be a smooth transition for me to continue my education. I know that in the field of work I am interested in a lot of experience and practice is needed to become great.

“Throughout the past few years I have been given opportunities to gain some experience. I have been able to go to culinary training conferences and participated in catering jobs. Along with these opportunities I have also had some work experience. The jobs that I have had have not only taught me basic food safety, but also how to interact well with others. All of these skills are needed in my future career. I hope to be a FACS teacher. I have been inspired by many of my teachers and their passion to help students like me work hard for a bright future.

“I have completed many CTE courses, and all of these courses have helped me not only learn some of the material that I would have to teach, but how to work in a professional environment.”

Sarah Smith
Provo High School

Left: Blair Carruth, Assistant Commissioner, Utah System of Higher Education
Middle: Sarah Smith
Right: Jared Haines, Vice President, Utah College of Applied Technology

UtahCTE.org congratulates Sarah Smith on the CTE Scholarship and Tuition Award she received to Utah Valley University. Sarah was one of 96 students honored at the CTE Scholarships and Tuition Awards banquet on Tuesday, April 29, 2014.