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Central Region Career Day

On Tuesday, April 12, students from the Central Region gathered together to participate in a Career Day event highlighting Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways. The event was held at the Sevier Valley Center in Richfield where 1,300 students explored numerous careers by participating in hands-on activities. Participating schools included:

Delta Middle School  North Sevier Middle School
Ephraim Middle School  North Sanpete Middle School
Fillmore Middle School Piute High School
Gunnison Middle School Red Hills Middle School
Juab Junior High School South Sevier Middle School
Tintic High School  Wayne Middle School

Students had the opportunity to explore at least 20 of the 52 careers featured at the Career Day event. Local businesses set up interactive booths/displays where students were able to “try on a career” working hands-on using tools and equipment. Upon arrival each student received a “CTE Pathways Passport” to record each career they explored. “Many students came to the information booth asking to locate a specific career that they wanted to research. Students also had the opportunity to explore careers that were nontraditional for their gender,” said Darlene Wabel, Central Region CTE Pathways Coordinator.

Throughout the event students had a wonderful time exploring careers and participating in hands-on activities with local businesses. Students were engaged and eagerly participated in the many activities available, which included:

AT&T – Students learned how electronic communications work.

Central Utah Public Health – Students were shown how to give an injection and then practiced on oranges.

Johnson Dental Lab – Students were shown how to make a crown.

Kevin Madison & Associates – Students reviewed “blueprint” plans from several local schools.

Mountain America Credit Union – Students learned how to manage a debit card.

Mountainland Supply – Students connected the plumbing in a sink and learned how to assemble a fire hydrant.

OSHA – Students learned how to put on and wear a safety harness.

Redmond Salt – Students learned how salt is mined and learned about the many products made from salt.

Richfield Reaper – Students saw how a newspaper tabloid is laid out on the computer and then transferred to printing plates. Each student received a copy of the printed Central Region CTE Pathways tabloid.

Satterwhite – Students learned how logs are cut from trees and how they fit together to make log homes.

Sevier County Sheriff – Students learned about careers in law enforcement, including occupations in the SWAT team and in the DARE program, learning about the equipment used to serve and protect the public.

Sevier Valley Hospital – Students looked at blood slides from the lab and learned how to use equipment in respiratory therapy.

Shirt Shop – Students printed their own T-shirt with their school logo.

SUFCO – Students learned about the mining of coal and the engineering required to extract the coal.

Utah Natural Resources – Students learned the responsibilities of a “Fish and Game Warden.”

Wells Fargo – Students learned about bank accounts and filled out deposit slips.

“I love Career Day and all the hands-on experiences.” – Mallory Roberts

“I like Career Day because I love to see all the things I can do for a living in the future.” – Molly Peterson

“I really like the Culinary Arts Program because I love to bake.” – Kami Jackson






“My favorite is Cosmetology” –Danika Wittern

“I love the Cosmetology Program because I love to make people look beautiful.” –Bailey Nielson





CTE students in the Central Region are among the 325,000 secondary and post-secondary CTE students in Utah. For information about the CTE classes offered at your school talk to your school counselor or visit UtahCTE.org.

 CTE offers Pathways to YOUR future; get started!

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