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Colt Petersen: Future Welder and Business Owner

Colt Petersen
Occupational Goal: Welder and Business Owner

Colt Petersen recently graduated from Delta High School where he completed the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Welding Pathway. He plans to continue his education and training at Bridgerland Applied Technology College (BATC) to obtain a welding certificate.

“As a young child I liked to help my father and grandfather repair things about the farms. One important piece of equipment that was used was a welder. By watching the two very different techniques used by these two men, I quickly realized that just because you have a welder doesn’t mean you can actually weld. I decided to follow my father’s lead and learn the proper techniques of welding in order to do the job right. . .[ in high school] I enrolled in a welding class. It was during this class that the desire to build things with metal was ignited and reinforced daily. I then added more classes that followed my future path,” said Colt.

Through participation in the CTE Welding Pathway, Colt took classes such as welding, advanced welding, auto tech, drafting, and machining. “All of these classes tied together to give me experience and a sound educational base to get those key components to one day run my own shop,” said Colt.

Kirk Willoughby, Precision Machining and Welding Instructor at Delta Technical Center, said “[Colt] has been an able student, willing to learn, and a positive influence in class. As with any other student, he has made normal mistakes, but has not been discouraged in falling short. He, in fact, recognizes these [mistakes] as opportunities to learn.”

To gain experience in the welding industry Colt obtained an apprenticeship at a local welding business. “I currently work as an apprentice at Z Machine and Welding where I use the skills that I have learned and continue to learn in real life situations,” said Colt. Brent Larsen, the owner of Z Machine and Welding has been impressed with Colt and his ability to learn the trade. “Colt is an excellent welder. I have been training him in the machine tool trades. He is learning to operate the lathe, vertical milling machine, and various grinders. He is a quick learner; he keeps his mind on task and asks relevant questions. He strives for understanding, not just rote memory. Working with a young man like Colt gives me hope for the future,” said Larsen.

After graduating from BATC, with a welding certificate, Colt plans to enroll in a machining program. “I believe that this training will provide the perfect starting blocks to then go into the industrial field. . . where I will refine the skills I learned while procuring capital to reach my end goal of having my own custom welding and fabrication shop,” said Colt.

More than 50 percent of products in the U.S. require welding. From farm equipment, to cars, to bridges, to computers, to cell phones, to medical devices, the skill, knowledge, and precision of a trained welder is crucial. Nationwide employment of welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers is expected to grow 15 percent through the year 2020. (Sources: American Welding Society and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

UtahCTE.org congratulates Colt on his accomplishments and wishes him all the best as he continues to prepare for his chosen career.

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