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Concurrent Enrollment Augments Career and Technical Education Programs

By Curtis Youngman, Professor of Marketing at Salt Lake Community College, and Concurrent Enrollment Liaison

Be assured that Career and Technical Education is working. Opportunities are almost limitless for students involved in higher education today. As students jump into their journey, there are many directions they can become involved in to help prepare for their career. Students need to plan ahead so they can move smoothly in the desired direction. Let’s address a couple of opportunities, and then show how those opportunities are successfully helping students reach their goals.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is alive and progressing in the State of Utah. CTE shows students a direct connection between doing well in high school and a smooth transition to post-secondary opportunities or to getting a good job when they graduate. CTE Pathways are rigorous programs of study that assure strong technical and academic preparation that provides students with critical hands-on skills. Concurrent Enrollment is one essential strategy that assists in this rigorous training.

Concurrent Enrollment augments the CTE Program objectives and provides challenging college-level experiences for high school students. More than 27,444 Utah students earned over 188,000 credit hours of post-secondary learning last year.

The Salt Lake Community College Concurrent Enrollment Program provides leadership in maintaining partnerships with secondary education institutions that offer high school students the opportunity to earn college credit and high school credit concurrently as they enroll in and complete college-level courses, offered either at Salt Lake Community College or at an approved high school campus.

The Marketing/Management Program at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) is an active experiential program that is highly engaged in Concurrent Enrollment. SLCC faculty members work with high school faculty at Alta, Cottonwood, Riverton, Herriman, Jordan, Skyline, Copper Hills, Kearns and Taylorsville High Schools to identify students who are eligible to participate in Concurrent Enrollment courses.

SLCC‘s Concurrent Enrollment Marketing courses taught on high school campuses include:

               MKTG 1030-Introduction to Marketing

               MKTG 1070-Promotion

               MKTG 1010-Customer Service

               MKTG 2000- Cooperative Education (Academy of Finance participants only)

Concurrent Enrollment courses provide hands-on educational experiences in the classroom. Students seamlessly transition from high school to college and develop the skills to successfully engage in the college-level experience.

I certainly appreciate working with the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment faculty and the high school faculty.  They are such role models to our students. Those students will one day be our leaders because of the key CTE programs in Utah.

Read the blog about Emily Dzaitlik. She took full advantage of the Concurrent Enrollment classes at SLCC, while a senior at Jordan High School.

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