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Cristian Jenson: Future Entrepreneur

Cristian Jenson
Occupational Goal: Entrepreneur

“Being able to reflect back on the CTE classes I took, I have been able to take the things I learned in those classes and use them in my daily life. A couple of the helpful courses that prepared me [for college and career] were Financial [Literacy] and Desktop Publishing. In this world we live in we need to know both of these skills. The Financial [Literacy] class taught me how to use my money wisely. Without knowing how to manage your money you won’t make a profit or have enough money to keep your business running. Desktop Publishing might not sound like a critical thing but it is. [It’s  important] to be able to make data sheets [showing] how much your company makes every year or make a basic schedule for your employees.” –Cristian Jenson, Kanab High School

Heather Glover, Business Education Teacher at Kanab High School said, “Cristian has always display a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. He is always willing to try something new. He works and works at it until he has mastered concepts and techniques; he has a ‘don’t quit’ attitude. This is a quality that sets him apart from many of his peers.”

UtahCTE.org congratulates Cristian on the CTE Scholarship and Tuition Award he received to Tooele Applied Technology College. Cristian was one of 95 students honored at the CTE Scholarships and Tuitions Awards banquet on Wednesday, May, 2, 2012.

Left: Blair Carruth, Assistant Commissioner, Utah System of Higher Education
Middle: Cristian Jenson
Right: Jared Haines, Vice President, Utah College of Applied Technology

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