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CTE and Law Enforcement as a Career

Tanner Kussee: Student, Davis High School

High school is a great time to try out a wide range of Career Pathways by enrolling in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. Through participation in CTE you will be guided as you take courses in your chosen pathway and also have the opportunity to participate in an internship. Tanner Kussee, a student at Davis High School, did just that.

Tanner is interested in law enforcement and recently interned with the Davis County Sheriff’s Department. He learned about the different areas in the Sheriff’s Department and had the opportunity to work in: corrections, dispatch, the courts, and the crime lab. He also went on patrol with an officer. “In corrections I found out what the different cells were called and how much security was needed for each one. In dispatch it was a blast; everyone was super happy and were all willing to help out.”

In CTE you will explore different careers, learn about your interests and abilities, discover your likes and dislikes, and acquire specific job training skills. For instance, during Tanner’s internship he discovered “. . . I would not like to work in a courtroom. I do not like just sitting and listening to what people have done wrong. I did enjoy working in the crime lab. It was great to do experiments to test marijuana and heroin and other drugs; and to figure out what marijuana looked like underneath a microscope, and test its potency using chemicals. The last area that I got to work with was patrol. I got to actually ride along with the deputies.”

In Utah, opportunities in the area of law enforcement are unlimited and include patrol officer, bike and foot patrol officer, community police officer, detective, canine officer, DARE/school resource officer, special weapons and tactics, training officer, and a variety of supervisory positions. Law enforcement is a challenging and rewarding profession, limited only by the abilities of the individual officer. “This whole [internship] experience has given me a different perspective on a career as a law enforcement officer and which direction I want to take.”

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