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Dallas Pedersen: From High School Student to IT Professional

Dallas Pedersen graduated from Jordan High School. While in high school Dallas took all of the courses available, at the Canyons Technical Education Center, in the Network Systems Pathway and the Technical Support Pathway.

“The classes helped me to realize how much the future is integrated with technology and no matter what group of technology you are working with it all has to be networked together somehow. Experience is everything in IT and certifications are the quickest way to get you on your way, says Dallas.”

In addition to taking the Network Fundamentals, A +, and Security Fundamental courses, Dallas took advantage of the opportunity to become certified in:

> A+
> IC3
> Strata
> MTA Operating Systems Fundamentals
> MTA Security Fundamentals
> MTA Networking Fundamentals
> MTA Server Admin Fundamentals

Obtaining multiple IT certifications not only gave Dallas a competitive edge, but jump-started his career in a 21st century workforce. Dallas says, “Immediately after high school I got a job working technical support for the Red Cross. A year later, I now work for Executech as a network administrator/IT Consultant for multiple clients.

According to the Utah Department of Workforce Services, the median wage for a Network Administrator is $32.58 an hour or $67,766 a year. Because of the skills Dallas obtained in high school by completing the Network Systems Pathway, and by becoming certified in multiple IT areas, he is now earning a salary well above the median wage for this occupation.

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