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Engineering Students Are Awesome!

By Holly Barker, Technology and Engineering teacher at Two Rivers High School

Project Lead the Way pre-engineering classes provide students the opportunity to find out what is involved in various engineering fields, to learn and use the design process, and to apply mathematics used by engineers to solve problems. Students who take these classes greatly enhance their abilities to apply mathematics, to work in teams, to create and test their designs, to research, and to report results in both written and verbal formats. They learn the skills they will use to succeed in industry. Former students of mine, who have gone on to work toward their BS degrees in various engineering fields, have found that classes at the college or university level are easy for them. They know how to proceed with taking a project from inception to completion. Our students who have recently graduated have:

  • Become student leaders in their respective universities.
  • Designed products that are patentable.
  • Become so adept at accurate and thorough documentation that their professors comment repeatedly about their abilities.
  • Amaze our business partners with the skills they have developed.
  • Become highly sought-after employees by companies with whom they have served internships.

Not enough can be said about how awesome these students are! Yes, it’s hard. And yes, it is SO worth it to stay the course! No one who has returned to visit with me has ever had anything but positive things to say about their high school engineering experience.

Technology and Engineering Education: Hands-on, Minds-on Education

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