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Eric Wilcox Encourages Students to Join FCCLA

Eric Wilcox, a recent graduate of Westlake High School, spent his senior year as the president of Utah FCCLA—Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America—a leadership organization for Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS). Within three years, Eric joined FCCLA, was elected FCCLA chapter president of Westlake High School, and became the FCCLA Utah state president.

Here is Eric’s story. “Beginning my sophomore year, I quickly found out that high school is meant to be much more than taking classes. It is about becoming a leader, finding your specific talents, and beginning to positively influence those in your personal scope of peers. I first got a taste of leadership by becoming an officer of Westlake High School FCCLA.

“Being the Utah FCCLA State President was the experience of a lifetime and gave me an incredible senior year. I traveled to many places, including Orlando, Florida for FCCLA Nationals and Washington, DC for incredible leadership training. I conducted meetings of over 1,000 students, and have made many lifelong friends within the state and country! I will always remember the experience of being president of a state organization of over 3,000 and having the ability to make a difference in so many ways.

“Looking back on high school, I realize that within the four short years at Westlake I completely transformed into the person I am today. FCCLA has given me so many opportunities and experiences. I will be a lifelong advocate of FCCLA, and I am forever changed by this amazing organization. I am now leaving high school as an adult with a desire to take on the world, seek new opportunities and continue life as a leader —– crazy.

“I am now beginning another chapter in my life with a head start and a clear vision into my future and career. Although, I never would have guessed as a freshman that this is all possible through my participation in FCCLA and Family and Consumer Sciences while in high school.

“To all incoming and continuing students, remember that high school is much more than taking classes and getting good grades, it’s about finding a passion and making connections with others. Join FCCLA or any other club you have an interest in, run for Student Council, do something challenging…you never know where it could take you!:)”

Eric Wilcox
Westlake High School class of 2013


Learn about Utah FCCLA and talk to the FCCLA adviser in your school to become a member.

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