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FCCLA Capitol Leadership

By Lexi Heugly
Utah FCCLA VP Public Relations

Washington DC, a city brimming with great history and great leaders. Washington DC a city so culturally diverse that it symbolizes the head of 50 United States. Washington DC, home to FCCLA’s Capitol Leadership conference. What better place is there to train leaders? A city so full of leadership and role models every student has something to be inspired by.

This inspiration reaches beyond monuments and carvings for the members of FCCLA that attend Capitol Leadership. This conference teaches us not only to honor the great, but to stand tall and become the great. Every aspect of the conference is meaningful and worthwhile.


Utah FCCLA State Officers

Utah FCCLA had the opportunity to send their state officers to this conference, where they became more prepared to serve as leaders of their section of the organization. Long nights and miles of walking paid off to build the officers into a stronger team as a whole.

The officers were given the opportunity to meet with representatives of Utah Senators and Congressmen including Senator Orrin Hatch himself. They visited with staff members of Senator Mike Lee, Congressmen, Jason Chaffetz, Rob Bishop, and Jim Matheson. The officers capitalized on the importance of government support for FCCLA in these meetings.

Utah FCCLA State Officers with Senator Orrin Hatch

Capitol Leadership is an experience that is beyond a measurable comparison. The city of Washington has a certain aura of leadership that doesn’t leave students once they return home. This is an experience that was undeniably valuable for the members of Utah FCCLA who took the opportunity to attend.


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