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FFA Chapter Video Contest

By the Utah FFA State Officers

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and live out your dreams to be a movie director, star, editor, and creator. The Utah FFA State Officer Team has a challenge for you….. Make your own video and share your chapter stories and experiences in agriculture. The best videos will be shown at the State FFA Convention, March 14-16, and be voted on by those attending.

Check out the State Officer’s sample video. This video shows short examples of all three topics. Use your own creativity, it doesn’t have to be a music video this is just an example.


FFA Chapter Video Contest Rules
Submission Due by February 20, 2013

1. Your video must address one of the following three topics:

A. Tell Your Story: Introduce FFA and Your Chapter. Tell us what your FFA chapter does, what’s interesting, why should someone be an FFA member, and what does FFA have to offer?

B. Why is Agriculture Important? Show the audience why they need agriculture and why it’s importance to us all.

C. Introduce Agriculture and Agricultural Careers in Your Area. Show the audience agriculture and agricultural careers in your hometown and surrounding area. Introduce them to the diversity, opportunity and excitement.

2. Video may be a maximum of 5 minutes.

3. To submit your video upload it to youtube.com, by February 20, 2013, available for all to see. Once the video is uploaded, email the name of the video and the YouTube link to brettevans@utffa.org. You’re also encouraged, but not required, to post a link to your video on the Utah FFA Facebook page.

4. Do not break any copyright laws! Be careful about the images, music, and clips you use.

5. Contest winner will be determined by popular vote.

6. All persons whose name or image appear in the video, including the person who uploads the video to the Utah FFA Facebook page, gives express permission for their image and persona to be used by the Utah FFA Association for the purpose of this contest and promotion of FFA and agriculture.

7. The Utah FFA Association State Executive Committee, at their sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any video deemed vulgar, demeaning or inappropriate.

If you have questions please contact Mr. Evans, the Utah FFA Executive Secretary, at brettevans@utffa.org.

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