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Get Involved in FCCLA!

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is the student leadership organization for FACS Education. FCCLA provides students with opportunities to attain knowledge, skills, and leadership characteristics necessary to succeed in life and careers through Family and Consumer Sciences. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life.

In July, FCCLA members joined in Anaheim, California for the FCCLA National Leadership Conference. The theme for the conference was Imagination in Action. The conference is an annual event where members learn how to make an impact in the world around them, plan for the upcoming year, and participate in competitions and activities. Utah won 118 medals—21 gold, 62 silver, and 35 bronze. View the list of winners.

The conference kicked off with a keynote address by Chef Jeff Henderson, an award-winning chef, motivational speaker, New York Times best-selling author, and Food Network television personality. Chef Jeff spoke about the power of potential and told his story “from the streets to the stove”. He motivated students to dream and encouraged them to reach their full potential.

At the conference state officers received training to reflect on lessons learned from last year, develop ideas, and were empowered to put their imagination into action during their year in office. Below are the goals for each Utah chapter:

  1. FCCLA in the Community:
    Participate in at least one meaningful community service project.
  2. Membership:
    Increase chapter membership by 15 new members.
  3. National Programs:
    Complete at least one National Program. The theme of the national outreach project is Share Our Strength: No Kid Hungry.
  4. STAR Events:
    Participate in a STAR Event. Eighty percent of members currently participate in a STAR Event.

Meet the new Utah FCCLA State Officers:

Left to Right:  Katherine Hanzel, Vice President of Social Media; Brandie Orr, Vice President of Community Service; Kyle Andrews, Vice President of Alumni and Associates; McKell Price, President;  Dawson Johnson, Vice President of STAR Events; Ashley Labrum, 1st Vice President; Juniper Roman, Vice President of History; Savannah Allmon, Vice President of Public Relations.

McKell Price says, “Get involved! Whether in FCCLA or any other club, when you do this you make so many friends and stay busy, and you’ll have some great experiences!”

Involvement in FCCLA offers members the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for life planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making, and interpersonal communication necessary in the home and workplace. Contact the FCCLA advisor in your school to learn how to become a member of FCCLA. Get involved!

Utah has over 2,600 members in 91 chapters.

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