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Granite Technical Institute – Career Academies, Skilled Trades, High Tech, and More

Just one step into Granite Technical Institute (GTI) and the high energy of students and staff is palpable. Everyone seems to be going somewhere, and they’re determined to be there in record time. Julie Bagley, Counselor, Work-Based Learning Specialist, and Health Science Advisor, attributes this to the fact that students have gone the extra mile to be here, and they have well-defined goals for what they will accomplish. There are 2,400 students who attend GTI, described as an “extension” of their home high schools as they list GTI courses right along with the courses taught within their own walls. GTI students take advantage of the infrastructure – from transportation and administration to career centers and highly qualified teachers – in order to pursue their career interests.

Julie Bagley describes a number of programs designed to inform the community and potential students of the opportunities available at Granite Technical Institute. For example, a recent Open House was expected to draw 1,500-2,000 attendees. This is a chance for programs to show off, and that often means “hands-on” experiences such as dissections, robotics competitions, the printing of T-shirts, and food preparation.

A program that enables ninth grade students to participate in GTI is enrollment in a 90-minute dual credit course – either English/Physics or English/BioAg. Students apply for this program, and must meet certain qualifications in order to make it a part of their individual College and Career Plan. Having participated in the ninth grade further empowers these students to take advantage of GTI opportunities as they plan the remainder of their high school experience.

The Ambassadors are fundamental to promoting GTI to their peers as well as to the community at large. Students must apply to be Ambassadors. They must have a 3.0 GPA and CPA (citizenship), and must be a student at the GTI for the full year. Applicants submit their transcripts and an essay on why they would like to be a GTI Ambassador. Ambassadors are involved in promotional events in the community and at both junior highs and high schools throughout the year. They help provide an authentic student-to-student link to GTI programs.

Julie Bagley herself is a walking advertisement of what makes GTI great. She practically oozes with enthusiasm about the students she serves, the opportunities GTI offers, and all the people – teachers, counselors, administrators and others at the school, district and state – who make Career and Technical Education an attractive and valuable choice for students.

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