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Herriman High School DECA Members Excel at National Competition

During May 2-7, 2014, a group of 250 Utah DECA members joined their peers from across the country to compete at the DECA International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Approximately 17,000 high school students, advisors, business persons and alumni gathered for several days of DECA excitement. Members prepare all year to have the opportunity to advance to this national competition. The top competitors in each event are recognized for their outstanding achievements. In addition to the competitive events, many students and advisors participate in a variety of leadership and career development activities and trainings.

The keynote address was given by Fran Tarkenton, NFL Hall of Fame legend and entrepreneur. In his address—NEVER get caught on the bench—he talked about how it doesn’t really matter what other people think of you. “You and I are in control of our destiny,” he said. “I learned business by doing business. Farmers learn to farm by going out and farming. I have built 20 companies. I’ve worked for other companies. I have learned everything from other people. . .Business and learning is a process. . .”

“. . .You make your breaks. . .Talk to everybody. Ask questions of everybody. Get all the knowledge and information you can. Life is a process. Whenever you think you have all the answers, you don’t have any. Keep that process going and continue to get better and continue to learn. Remember this, the mission of business is the same as the mission of life. We’re here to serve others. It’s not about us. It’s about our friends, it’s about our partners, and it’s about our customers,” said Tarkenton.

Watch Fran Tarkenton’s keynote address HERE.

Forty-nine Utah DECA members from Jordan School District competed at the conference, with 28 members from Herriman High School. For the first time in six years Utah DECA not only had a 1st place winner, but two 1st place winners and a 2nd place winner! And, all three teams were from Herriman High School.

1st Place
Finance Operations and Public Relations
Tristan Johnson and Brenna Scadden created a 30 page research report based on Momentum Development, which is developing Herriman Towne Center and Rosecrest communities in Herriman, Utah. They also shared a 15-minute presentation with the judges.

Watch the award ceremony HERE.

1st Place
Public Relations
Nicholas Gardner, Sydeny Park, Erinn Smalley executed the I Am the Difference anti-bullying campaign. They also created a 30 page report and a 15-minute presentation.

Watch the award ceremony HERE.

2nd Place
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Challenge (FIDM)
Based on research of the fashion industry, Madison Park, Keelan Ramos, Madison Warner created a video of a fashion trend they predicted.

Watch the award ceremony HERE.

Congratulations to Herriman High School who had great success at the
DECA International Career Development Conference.

Photo courtesy of Jordan School District

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  1. Dawn Stevenson Says:

    Congratulations to our Utah DECA students and to their teachers who led and inspired them.

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