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Interior Design Fieldtrip

By Julia Johnson, Family and Consumer Sciences student teacher, Hillcrest High School

On April 11, 2013 Hillcrest High School’s interior design class went on a fieldtrip to solidify their knowledge of the principles of design. They had the opportunity to visit the replica of Disney’s “UP” house. This house was originally built for the Parade of Homes and is located at 13215 South 5390 West in Herriman, Utah. Although the house is no longer available for public tours, people are welcome to take pictures from the outside. Every detail has been recreated on this house, including the garden hose reel and the weather vane. This is a fun new landmark and is a must-see for Utah residents!

The interior design students also visited Daybreak where they were able to tour 13 houses and identify the principles of design. This tour was similar to the Parade of Homes, where they could go through at their leisure and see well-designed homes. Each home has its own unique style, and students benefited from seeing good design in real life rather than from a picture. The fieldtrip was a huge success!

Interior design student, Alex Cherry commented, “The fieldtrip to Daybreak presented an excellent opportunity to get out of the classroom and see interior designs in action. Seeing various elements and principles of design in a real setting helped me to connect with it more than had I read about it. It reinforced what I already knew by actively seeking it out and defining it in the design. The fieldtrip activity engaged and involved me in real-world interior design, a refreshing change from a classroom setting.”

“The best part of the fieldtrip was when we went through the first three large houses, they were so pretty and there was so much excitement!” said interior design student Kaitlyn Parry.

Teachers interested in taking their class on a fieldtrip to Daybreak can make an appointment by contacting Daybreak at http://www.daybreakutah.com/.


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