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Jordan High School Counselors @ Work

In a previous blog, we featured a senior student at Jordan High School, who acknowledged the efforts of her counselors toward ensuring that students are college and career ready by the time they graduate high school. At the same time – and this is spring of her senior year – the student said that she had yet to make a final decision about a career direction, let alone which college she would attend in the fall.  In an ideal world, these are choices that would have been made much earlier – hopefully as a result of the fabulous Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program components that offer many opportunities to explore career interests and take related Career and Technical Education CTE courses and to build the academic foundation to succeed in high school and beyond. The counselors at Jordan High School are working diligently to make this a reality.

April Sagala                         Ann Marie Proctor

For Jordan High School counselors, including April Sagala and Ann Marie Proctor, efforts in the area of helping students line up financial aid start soon after the holidays and continue full steam ahead through early April. They specifically target juniors for “Scholarships 101” sessions, but also encourage younger students as well as seniors to attend. They want to make sure that all students are well informed regarding scholarships to increase the likelihood of the students winning those awards by knowing and meeting criteria early. Scholarship information is also accessible via a robust Web page maintained by the counseling department. Other financial aid resources offered by the counseling staff include Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) workshops, a Parents’ Night, and numerous helpful links to outside sources of financial aid information – e.g., U. S. Department of Education, UHEAA, and FinAid.org.

 The Senior Green Sheet, a monthly newsletter especially for seniors, is another impressive resource provided by Jordan’s counseling staff. These counselors are obviously dedicated to ensuring student success. Now if only students would take better advantage of all the help and expertise made available to them!

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