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Math-in-CTE, A Model for Enhanced Math Learning

Understanding Math doesn’t have to be that hard. In fact, if you enjoy learning from a career and technical focus, you’ll learn key math concepts right along with the technical training. CTE’s new math enhanced learning focus helps teachers bring out the math that’s embedded in the CTE curriculum and teach it as an essential workplace skill right along with the CTE lesson. This leads to improved math understanding without any loss of technical or occupational knowledge.

How this works is Math and CTE Teachers receive professional development and collaborate as a team to “investigate” the CTE Curriculum and identify where math is taught. Lesson plans are fine tuned to enhance the math and make sure it relates to how the concepts are taught in the Math classes.

 For example:

  • Students in a Family and Consumer Sciences, Foods II class will apply math to the mixing of an oil and vinegar—vinaigrette—salad dressing. Using ratios they will calculate the correct proportions of the vinaigrette salad dressing mixture when too much of one ingredient has been added.
  • Students in Technology and Engineering, Project Lead the Way will use math to calculate the acceleration of a moving object.

Students relate better to the math as they use it to complete technical projects. Both technical and math learning improve, and both teacher and student are happy!


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