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Meet a Business Owner: Lanette Fidrych


Introducing… Lanette Fidrych

A graduate of … Granite High School

Now working as … A Business Owner

Of … Cycle Dog Products

Check out this website … www.cycledog.com

Geometry was her favorite high school class because … she says she is a very visual learner, and Geometric formulas are very visual – so she excelled!

College Athletics was Lanette’s most significant post high school education/training experience. Participating in college track for four years taught her a lot about perseverance, accomplishment and defeat. She says, “Sometimes the definition of winning is simply not quitting.”

Lanette’s first job – was working as a morning water girl at a garden center – at age 14!

The worst job?  After graduating from college, Lanette worked as a product manager for a large sportswear manufacturing company. Sadly, she discovered that a bad supervisor can turn a job into the “worst.”

A career highlight … Lanette started her own business at just age 26 and reports learning on the go – and quickly! She says that in the first three years of running her own business she “learned more than I could have learned in 20 years at my [former] fancy job.”

Advice to students … “Take risks. Try a lot of different things. Let yourself be young for a little while. Travel. Be open to any and every opportunity. Look at every challenge as an opportunity to learn something new.

And more …

  • About Geometry: Geometry has a strong relationship with design. Symmetry and A-Symmetry have a lot to do with why we like the look of some things and not others. I’ve always been fascinated by angles and how equations relate to one another.
  • The connection between college athletics and running a business: Having my own business, now I often relate to the challenges, defeat, and wins I experienced in sports. Sometimes the constant hard work and effort it takes to just finish the job can be trying, but if you stick to it you’ll eventually get a few wins.
  • Insights re: her (self-described) “fancy” job in a big corporation: “Looking back on the experience I learned that raising your hand and asking for help is a good thing. I learned that asking for direction and setting expectations between you, your boss, and your boss’ boss can make all the difference. I learned that getting the right people on your side is very important. Unfortunately the saying “It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know” is true.



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