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Meet a Certified Technician: Samuel Sondrup


Introducing… Samuel K. Sondrup

A graduate of … Chattahoochee High School (Georgia)

Now working as … A Certified Technician

For … REI (major outdoor retail store) I work in a repair shop for bicycle and skis at major outdoor retail store. I have to organize, control, and perform repair work for customers. I also have to do ordering of merchandise for special orders as well as needed inventory.”

Check out this website … http://www.rei.com/

Yearbook was his favorite high school class because … he says he learned how to work effectively as a member of a team to create a great product.

Samuel’s first job – was as a worker at a small shipping/copy center.

The worst job?  Call Center Representative because the hours really dragged and there was nothing stimulating about dealing with a stream of disgruntled customers.

Advice to students … Work hard at whatever you do, and if you don’t like what you are doing then find a way to change in order to be happy. Making money is great, but life is short and being happy with yourself and with what you do every day is more important.”

And more …

  • About Samuel’s high school experience: “I was part of the Yearbook staff for a couple of years as an elective. I learned more about managing and performing to meet a deadline in that class than I did in most of my college courses. I had to be on time with my edited work and follow strict guidelines in order to have our year book published. It also allowed me and my classmates to use our creativity to create what we wanted as a team. As a team we had a diverse group of people that worked together whether they wanted to or not because the project as a whole was way more important than the personal issues that could arise during stressful deadlines. Seeing a finished product great and knowing that you and your classmates worked an entire year to create it was so rewarding.
  • About his college experience:  “I would say my Global Marketing Strategy class at USU was my overall best college course for preparing me for real job challenges. The professor was Edwin Stafford and the entire course was a project. It was more or less considered our final project in order to graduate. It was a project that required us to work in groups with people that may or may not be your first choice to work with, and also required communication with people outside our college to complete. It was literally making a marketing proposal for a major corporation.
  • About his current job:  ”Although I did not plan on working in retail for as long as I have, it has been great to start out at REI as the lowest man on the totem pole, and become the Certified Technician for one of the largest and most successful REI’s in the country.





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