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Meet a Chemical Engineer: Stephen Grobstein


Introducing… Stephen Richard Max Grobstein

A graduate of … Skyline High School

Now working as … Process/Chemical Engineer, working in Research and Development as part of a team that takes brand-name drugs and reformulates them to produce acceptable generic counterparts that can be sent off for clinical trials.

Employer … Watson Laboratories

Check out this website … http://www.watson.com

Chemistry, math, and history were his favorite courses in high school.

Stephen’s first job … was grocery bagger.

The worst job?  Grocery bagger, was also his worst job. He says, “I hated the winter months, dragging carts through the snow. Taking out the garbage was the smelliest thing I have ever had to do…” (Of particular note since he’s a chemist!)

Most significant training/education beyond high school was earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering.

A Career Highlight … Stephen admits that he prefers “being in charge of people,” and – apparently – he is good at it, since he has achieved a management role in every job he has held so far.

Advice to students: Pick your favorite subject in school and find a related career. “Nothing is more important than enjoying what you do for a living…”

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