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Meet a Construction Business Owner: David Godfrey


Introducing… David S. Godfrey

A graduate of … Murray High School

Now working as … Business Owner/Operator

For … Godfrey Construction Co., LLC

Wood Shop was his favorite high school class because … it was an introduction to a field that evolved into his life’s work.

David’s first job – was fast food worker.

The worst job?  Fast food worker – but it wasn’t so much the work as it was the poor manager who supervised him. On the plus side, the experience taught him to step into the management void to help influence other employees to work better and smarter.

David reports his most significant training was … on the job. He worked part-time for an uncle who was the best example of how to have your own construction business, how to bid jobs, how to work hard to finish on time or early, how to be an influence for good on others you work with, and how to save and manage your money for the lean times that always exist in the construction industry.

A career highlight … “My name and reputation for excellent work have helped me survive while others in my business have gone bankrupt. It has been a true source of pride to know I managed a personal business that is sound and has created some beautiful homes and properties.”

Advice to students … Don’t waste time playing, socializing, and spending when you can be planning, saving, and learning what it will take to be successful in life.”

And more …

  • About what David learned from an otherwise negative work experience: I always said to myself if I had the opportunity to own my own business one day, I would do it better and not waste away the opportunity. I think back now about how even that negative example shaped my future success.”
  • In the construction business especially, it is necessary to manage well and save money in order to make it during the off season and economic downturns that are inevitable.

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