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Meet a Database Administrator: Chad Markle


Introducing… Chad Markle

A graduate of … Grimsley High School (Greensboro, N.C.)

Now working as … Senior SQL Server Database Administrator, responsible for the reliability and performance of the data that drives business.

For … MetTel.

Check out the website: www.mettel.net

Electronics was his favorite high school class because … “It was a very hands-on class. We got to build and repair various electronic devices and learn how they work.”

Chad’s first job – was mowing lawns, and also working in the kitchen of a “high-end burger restaurant.”

The worst job? Working at a software company, but what made it the worst was going through a big growth phase – a build-up to over 100 employees – and then downsizing that resulted in Chad being one of only 6 employees remaining. Chad says, “I saw several of my friends, who were smart and worked incredibly hard, get laid off. The lesson I learned here is to be loyal to your company, but keep a balanced life too. It’s easy to get too deep into your work and miss the other pleasures of life!”

A career highlight …was getting hired by a client of a company that Chad had previously worked with. He says, “The client was a very large company and gave me exposure to training and support I would not have had otherwise. People do recognize when you do a good job, even if they don’t say it or show it.”

Advice to students Learn as much as you can. Schooling is important as it shows your intent and capability to learn. Stick with it, even if it sucks. It will pay off down the road. Also, learn something because YOU want to, not because someone tells you that you should. You’ll enjoy it more and have a deeper understanding of it!

And more …

  • Chad reports his most significant training after high school was … “On the job training of the ins and outs of tuning a SQL Server to have it perform optimally. This is an ongoing learning process!”
  • During college, Chad was a co-op student for a small electrical engineering firm that made computers for larger companies.

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