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Meet a Realtor-Broker-Property Manager: Sandy Straley


Introducing… Sandy Straley

A graduate of … Skyline High School

Now working as … Realtor-Broker-Property Manager

Employer … Sunview Homes

Check out this website … http://sunviewutah.com/

Psychology was her favorite class in high school because …“I am a very social person, so I enjoyed learning about how people think and react.”

Sandy’s first job … a secretary for the Salt Lake City Police Department.

The worst job?  Contact lens cleaner.  What made it the worst was the lack of variety; she found it extremely monotonous, which made it difficult to get excited about going to work every day.

Sandy reports her most significant training beyond high school has been “Real estate classes, broker classes, and continuing education throughout my career.”

A Career Highlight … Sandy is a “Million Dollar” salesperson, having sold a million dollars worth of property in one year!

Advice to students: Make sure you get a college degree.” In today’s economy, employers often choose the person who has the degree over someone who only has experience.

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