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Meet a Workforce Specialist: Shari Elliott


Introducing… Shari Elliott

A graduate of … Wasatch High School

Now working as … A Workforce Specialist, helping families in need

For … the Utah Department of Workforce Services

Check out this website … http://jobs.utah.gov

Biology was her favorite high school class because … numerous reasons, but Shari believes the teacher can make or break the learning experience!

Shari’s first job – was bussing tables at a local cafe.

The worst job?  Entry level Office Worker – the work itself was actually okay, but working without much-needed benefits made this job the ‘worst.’

Advice to students …“Go to college right out of high school. Do not delay!”

And More …

  •  About high school … Shari acknowledges her Biology teachers, Mr. Felsch and Miss North, who she credits with making Biology her favorite class. Her enjoyment of learning all about life and living organisms was in large part due to their enthusiasm.
  • A highlight … “I completed my Bachelor’s Degree and kept on going. I am currently working to find an internship in counseling – the final requirement for my Master’s Degree!”
  • Added insight …
    • “Starting college in my late 20’s after I had already started a family has been the most challenging thing I have ever done.”
    • Enjoy what you do, no matter what you are doing. Looking back, a lot of what I consider “bad experiences” really just reflects my own poor attitude at that time.”

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