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Meet an Asst. Professor of Psychology: Russell Warne


Introducing… Russell T. Warne

A graduate of … Bingham High School

Now working as … Quantitative Psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychology

For … Utah Valley University

Check out these websites: http://www.apa.org/research/tools/quantitative/index.aspx# and http://www.uvu.edu/profpages/profiles/show/user_id/10984

History, Theatre, AP Psychology and English were among his favorite high school classes because … “I was always interested in people, and even though I have a bachelor’s and a doctorate in psychology, I probably learned more about people from my humanities background than I did in college.

Dr. Warne’s first job – was working at a grocery store and also tutoring community college students.

The worst job? “Because I’m also a musician, I worked a job where I did musical direction at an educational theater in California. My second summer there, the place was going under financially. My paycheck bounced twice, the director was artistically incompetent, and there were personality clashes among almost all of the staff. I counted down the days until I was released from my contract, got my last paycheck (as a cashier’s check), and went back to Utah.

A career highlight … Dr. Warne has received two national research awards – and is in the running for a third – in recognition of his doctoral dissertation, entitled, “Psychometric Impacts of Above-Level Testing.” It is early in his career, and he already has 11 published articles, too!

Advice to students …Take lots of courses in a lot of different fields (humanities, math, science, social sciences, arts) and the hardest courses you can manage. Don’t hesitate to bring information from one field to another. People appreciate a person who can deal with members of other fields.”

And more …

  • About Dr. Warne’s high school experience … Most significant courses for my future career were probably English courses because that’s where I learned to write. I’m always surprised by the sheer amount that I write. I also am frequently called upon to convey complex ideas succinctly, a skill that I developed in my English classes as a teenager. My theatre courses were significant, too, because I teach ten times per week. It feels A LOT like performing in front of a crowd.
  • What a Quantitative Psychologist does … A quantitative psychologist is a psychologist who specializes in performing research on people and their environments. I design research projects, write scientific articles, and learn why people act the way they do.”
  • What a College Professor does … As a professor, I teach people statistics, how to conduct research in the social sciences, and provide information about psychological and standardized tests.
  • Re: his undergraduate college experience: My undergraduate years provided me with the training I would need for my career. The best courses were psychological research methods and psychological tests and measurement. The latter course ignited my love for testing and evaluation, which surprised me. I had been somewhat disenchanted towards psychology and was thinking about changing majors. The T&M course showed me that I could be a psychologist and never have clients or patients. It pointed me in the direction necessary to learn about people, which is what got me into psychology in the first place.
  • And Graduate School …”was where I learned the majority of skills I need for my job. The classes were all useful, but more important was learning how to network, brainstorm research ideas, and write (There it is again!) like a scientist.

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