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Meet an Education Specialist: Shannon Fischio


Introducing… Shannon Fischio

A graduate of … Granite High School

Now working as … Education Specialist

Employer … Utah State Office of Education

Check out this website … http://www.schools.utah.gov/cte

Chemistry and AP Chemistry were her favorite classes in high school.

Shannon’s first job … was working at a flower shop, where she loved the creativity and interactivity of the job.

The worst job? Also working at a flower shop. Yes, she loved the work, but what made it the worst was an ill-prepared store manager who created an environment of conflict among the full-time employees. This experience made Shannon feel lucky to be a part-time employee, and also taught her the importance of building people up, recognizing their value, and ensuring that they are motivated to do their best.

The most significant post high school training/education for Shannon goes beyond her Bachelor’s degree. Shannon asserts, “In reality, my degree prepared me to get the job I wanted, but I continue to learn most of what I need on the job and with continued workshops and conferences.

A Career Highlight … “Learning about the legislative process and how things really work. My first day at the Utah State Office of Education found me in a meeting with legislative fiscal analysts. Very interesting. I also love training teachers. I have been able to travel the whole state of Utah sharing information about doing good things for kids. Yes, there is resistance sometimes, but you get to meet a lot of great people and see their love for students.

Advice to students: Take advantage of all you can while in high school.  Explore things in which you truly have an interest.  You will be better prepared as you take the next steps in your career.”

And more …

By working diligently to establish herself as reliable, hard-working and knowledgeable, early in her career, Shannon became a highly valued employee of the State Office of Education. Her reputation enabled her to leverage a high level of flexibility in terms of her contract and work schedule, and ultimately allowed her to successfully balance work and personal roles. Shannon currently works mostly from her home office.

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