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Meet Becky Smith: This Teacher Has Solar Power!

Becky Smith is Nationally Board Certified in Technology and Engineering. She teaches CTE Intro as well as math at South Davis Junior High School, and could probably teach effectively with her hands behind her back, given her knowledge and experience. However, Miss Smith enjoys mixing it up with new resources and activities. She says that keeping things fresh ensures that students are engaged, and student engagement is what nourishes her passion for teaching. She enjoys working with state specialists, and also makes an effort to participate in professional development opportunities that are offered by her district. When asked which CTE Intro activity is her students’ favorite, she described how the class builds solar ovens and then cooks with them! (Check out NASA’s instructions for building a solar oven and their recipe for “Sun S’mores” here.)

Miss Smith says that the activity-centered lessons are appealing to seventh graders, and she is committed to assuring that students get the full benefit of the CTE Intro course, including –

  • The self-knowledge that will help them better understand how to become a contributing member of society.
  • The opportunity to explore the world of work and to learn about the education and training needed to be successful.
  • A personal college and career plan, developed in cooperation with parents, counselors and other educators.

Next time you see Miss Smith, be sure to tell her that she’s a shining example for CTE Intro teachers everywhere!

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