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Meet Braden Eichmeier: Future Engineer

BRADEN EICHMEIER, senior at Bonneville High School in Weber School District.

CTE Pathway: Braden is currently enrolled in the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Pre-Engineering Program. He has participated in this pathway of pre-engineering studies for the past four years, taking five of the seven courses available.

Senior Project: Braden placed second at the Autoliv senior research project on airbag devices.

Sports Enthusiast: Braden is a member of the swim team at Bonneville High School.

Study Habits: Braden received a composite score of 31 on the ACT. While maintaining a 4.0 GPA he participates on the schools swim team. His past experience in many Advanced Placement courses in chemistry, calculus and English literature have given Braden an insight into hard work and meeting deadlines.

“Achieving Bonneville High’s nomination as their Mathematics Sterling Scholar Award winner for the academic year 2012-2013 is proof of his diligence and dedication to completing a very difficult pathway, and one that can assist his studies in engineering in the future,” says Glenn Prisk, CTE Coordinator over the Project Lead the Way Program.

Soft Skills: “Braden is personable, a great team leader, self-assured (not arrogant but confident) and just a great asset to have in class,” says his PLTW instructors.

Future: Braden has the technical understanding for a career in a wide-range of engineering fields. He has investigated digital electronics, engineering design, computer driven manufacturing systems, and drafting software in Inventor programs. He has accepted a scholarship to Utah State University.

Testimonial: “Reflecting back on my personal changes that came as a result of schooling, I used to try to hasten the result, finding the quickest way to solve issues. I found that with my involvement in PLTW, and even other AP courses that I have taken, the method I take now has distinctly changed in regards to problems, research, and concepts taught in classes that I experience. I am much more detailed. I look for situations of cause and effect, and I would admit that I am much more detailed about my work. My thought processes have changed. With academics playing such a big role in my life, and now with swimming,  I find that it is a balancing act and I must prioritize my time and studies. I am very goal oriented and I am excited about the opportunities and options I have living in Utah. Things are good for me!”


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