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Meet Casey Boyer: New Teacher at a New School (But That Was Last Year)

Casey Boyer started college thinking that he would become a mechanical engineer, but luckily for Nebo District, he changed his course to complete a degree in education. He acknowledged that his decision was influenced by his former Westside Elementary teacher who recognized his potential before he did. Mr. Boyer was excited by the prospect of helping to open Salem Junior High School last year, and has returned this fall a bit more confident, experienced, and knowledgeable about both his students and his subject matter.

Mr. Boyer teaches CTE Intro and Manufacturing courses. Objectives for these courses are expressed in “I Can” statements, for example, “I CAN recognize processes and technology in engineering, manufacturing and construction.” (See the full lists of the statements for his courses: CTE Intro and Manufacturing and Exploring Technology.)  He works diligently to assure that his students achieve these objectives, and he enjoys seeing them learn more about themselves and about the world of work. He noted that there is quite a range of development for the students in his CTE-Intro classes. He has a couple of students who already have well-developed career interests, with solid plans about how to prepare for specific occupations, while others have a very limited scope of what is possible, and still others see vast possibilities, but are in no way prepared to identify even a broad area of career interest. From Mr. Boyer’s viewpoint, that’s the beauty of CTE Intro; it is a curriculum that has something for every student – even if it’s simply a confirmation of something they do not want to do when they grow up!


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