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Meet Coleen Huff, Outstanding Educator – CTE/Computers/Guitar

You might think that after 28 years of teaching at Mt. Nebo Junior High School, Coleen Huff would be growing tired of it all, but you’d be wrong. She continues to be exhilarated by her students, fellow faculty members, and even by the general community she serves. She says the secret is to keep on learning, and she is quick to point out the opportunities she has to collaborate with colleagues at the school and with district leaders.

Even at the end of a long day, Mrs. Huff’s passion for teaching is evident as she describes the CTE opportunities available at Mt. Nebo – a school with over 700 students. She reports that Mt. Nebo Junior High School offers an Introduction to Agriculture course that is wildly popular with the eighth and ninth graders who manage to get in. She takes pride in the fact that two of her students with special needs passed MS Word and Computer Technology state testslast year. And she is eager to describe her CTE Intro students’ favorite class project; making, marketing, and distributing their own brand of candy bar. “They’re so creative, and they learn so much!”

As Mrs. Huff walks the halls, pointing out various classrooms and features of the school, she is warmly greeted by staff and students alike. She generously shares credit for her achievements with others, which may be one reason that everyone looks forward to working with her for years to come.


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