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Meet Dionard Campman: Ballroom Dancer and Fashion Designer

Dionard Campman (DJ), a senior at Timpview High School and FCCLA chapter president, has a passion for ballroom dancing and fashion design. He participates in the Career and Technical Education Fashion Design, Manufacturing and Merchandising Pathway where he works to fine-tune his design and sewing skills.

DJ was born in Curacao (an island in the Dutch Caribbean) and spent most of his youth in the Netherlands. At the age of twelve he moved with his family to the United States.

“In the 6th grade I developed a great passion for ballroom dancing and I have been practicing the dancesport competitively at national level ever since. About the same time I also developed a great interest for fashion design. At Centennial Middle School I took my first sewing class and enjoyed every minute of it. During my freshman year at Timpview I took every possible design and sewing class offered. Over the past three years I have sewn many garments, some of which were entered successfully in different competitions,” says DJ.

This year DJ decided to go in a different direction and combine both of his passions into one. He started to design and create ballroom dance garments for his partner, Kaitlyn Turley. “During the summer my mom and I went to LA to purchase the fabrics and embellishments for these dresses,” DJ explains.

Kaitlyn Turley and DJ Campman

This past May, DJ received an invitation from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, California to visit their campus. DJ describes his visit saying, “I accepted their invitation. I loved the school and decided to apply. In July I got accepted into FIDM and received a $3,000 junior scholarship. One of their other scholarships is to start a fashion club at the attending high school and since I am an FCCLA member and president FIDM decided to grant me that scholarship as well.”

DJ’s ambition is to become a top fashion designer. “At the moment I’m working really hard to finish my senior year on a high note, so when I go off to FIDM in the fall of 2014 I’ll be ready to experience everything FIDM has to offer.”













Genet Orme, Family Consumer Sciences (FACS) teacher at Timpview High School, tells about DJ’s competitive spirit. “Last year DJ took my Fashion Design/Pattern Drafting class and competed in the state “Make it With Wool” competition. After this event he seemed to turn a corner in his skill level. He saw a very expensive costume on a professional dancer that he wanted to make for his partner. We met a few times in the summer, and he successfully “copied” that dress after intense work. At the same time, he got accepted to FIDM as a junior. I’m very proud of his hard work and initiative. He will definitely succeed in his Fashion Design career and is a great role model for younger students.”

Join DJ as he competes at the BYU Dancesport Championships in Provo, Utah on November 15-16, 2013.

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