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Meet Ethan Leeds: Future Nuclear Engineer

ETHAN I. LEEDS, senior at Weber High School in Weber School District.

CTE Pathway: Ethan is currently enrolled in the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Pre-Engineering Program. He has participated in this pathway of pre-engineering studies for the past four years, taking five of the seven courses available.

Senior Project: Ethan completed the senior research project for Autoliv on airbag devices.

Sports Enthusiast: Ethan is an avid runner who views his efforts in this lifetime sport as a challenge to understanding the limits on his own personal growth.

Study Habits: Ethan is an outstanding student who attacks his studies in much the same manner as he attacks running. He has proven it with his 3.99 GPA and with an outstanding score of 35 on the math comprehension part of the ACT. These academic achievements have given Ethan the confidence to strive for a career in engineering.

Soft Skills: Ethan is self-driven, polite, confident, and a very detailed worker. He likes and looks forward to a challenge. His classmates and teachers all describe Ethan as “a joy to work.”

Future: Ethan has submitted his candidacy for the NAVAL ROTC scholarship program. Selections will be made in April 2013.

Testimonial: “My involvement in PLTW has really clarified my educational pursuits. Coming into the program, like most kids, I had no plan for a career or a pathway of study to guide me. Being involved allowed me first to become aware of options, and secondly to identify classes and subjects that I should be familiar with in order to pursue those subjects I enjoy. Obviously, my dream is now at hand, with the NAVAL ROTC Contract of Commitment signed, and my placement within the nuclear engineering field of study I have found the field of engineering that I most likely will complete. Working with class mentors associated with Autoliv, teachers, and businesses has allowed me to develop a conversation about the education and training involved that I must master in order to reach my goals. I have the brightest future possible due to my schooling and PLTW!”

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