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Meet Lisa Hardy, Social Media-Savvy School Counselor

When Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program (CCGP) conference participants were invited to “like” the Utah CTE Facebook page, and to post a message there, Lisa Hardy jumped into action and was rewarded with a set of professionally printed CTE posters to use in her school. (See the full list of CTE Posters available as PDFs here.) Lisa Hardy is the sole school counselor at North Star Academy in Bluffdale, where she serves students in all grades – kindergarten through grade 9 – enrolled at the school.


Ms. Hardy has big plans for September 30-October 4; a “College and Career Week” will help students of every age better understand the world of work and the education required to achieve success in that world. She will use the CTE posters to illustrate the many Career Pathways available and to inform students of related facts. In addition, she is inviting community members and college representatives to do their part to ensure that students are exposed to a wide variety of occupations and that every student sees college (“1, 2, 4 or more”) as a key element of the post high school plan. Students will be encouraged to identify “their” college. There are even some plans in the works to host lunch time competitions between representatives of rival schools.  College and Career Week is just the beginning of the opportunities North Star Academy students will have to make college and career readiness a priority.


The CTE Posters that Lisa Hardy won may have to find a place in the hall,
as various other “tools of the trade” are spilling off of shelves in her office.


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