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Meet Lisa Panek, Career and Technical Education Teacher Extraordinaire

Lisa Panek began her teaching career in Idaho, but is happy to be in Utah, where all seventh graders take the CTE Intro class. She recognizes the great advantage that this class offers students to learn more about themselves and how their interests and other characteristics might be supported by various occupations. Ms. Panek also appreciates the hands-on nature of CTE, and says that students may learn as much from the learning activities they hate as from the ones they love. Ms. Panek admitted to being somewhat anxious about facilitating the Technology and Engineering (T&E) activities in CTE Intro, but after participating in the CTE summer conferences, she’s feeling confident and excited about the T&E days. She thinks every student in the country should have the opportunity to take a class like CTE Intro!

In addition to the three classes of CTE Intro that she teaches at Mountainville Academy, Ms. Panek also teaches Computer Technology, Business Digital Literacy, and Keyboarding Applications. Her Classroom Page reflects a firm grasp of digital strategies that can be used to communicate with students, parents and the community at large. Ms. Panek enjoys promoting student success during the school day and beyond. She invites students to email her, and looks for other ways to use technology to keep in touch with and to motivate her students.

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