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Meet Patti Smith…Teaching Business and More at Orem Junior High School

It was one of the first days of a new school year at Orem Junior High, but one would never know it from walking into this classroom. Patti Smith had her CTE Intro students fully engaged in a “Real Game” activity. Students were online to view career profiles, then sharing information with a partner, and then were up out of their seats and mingling with all the other students in the class to find out – as they took on their career roles – who made the most money, who had the best working conditions, who had to complete the most years of college, and more. With the ease of a practiced conductor, Patti Smith orchestrated the whole activity and assured that all 28 students (and this is her smallest class!) were on task and getting the information they need to fully participate in the “Real Game” over several days.

Patti Smith is a teacher who takes on the challenges of teaching junior high with enthusiasm. Her knowledge of this developmental stage informs her teaching style – playful but caring, and highly interactive. In addition to CTE Intro, Patti teaches Computer Technology and Keyboarding. Her students will acquire content knowledge and skills, but will also learn to work effectively in teams, build a positive attitude toward work, and develop many other “soft skills” that are in demand today.


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