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Meet Social Media-Savvy Teacher, William Keil

While students were taking a summer break, most teachers were spending at least part of their summer time in various conferences, workshops and other learning experiences designed to increase their knowledge, build their skills, and generally get them motivated for another year of molding young minds. Computer Technology teacher William Keil, who teaches at Sunset Ridge Middle School, is no exception. When he had the opportunity during one conference to win a set of CTE posters for his classroom simply by posting to Facebook, he grabbed his iPad and accomplished that little assignment in minutes!

Though Mr. Keil now has years of teaching experience, he actually began his career as an accountant. And though he spent years teaching at the high school level, he opted to move to Sunset Ridge Middle School about seven years ago and has never looked back. He says he has an appreciation for middle school students, partly because his wife also teaches students in this age group. (Yes, they sometimes compare notes.) He sees lifelong learning as one key to being a great teacher. He says he and his fellow Jordan District CTE teachers have help keeping up with current trends from district level staff. Everyone is interested in keeping the technology safe, secure and accessible to teachers and students.

 Sunset Ridge Middle School

Mr. Keil likes learning new ways to incorporate technology in his classroom, and sees the potential power of advancing the use of social media in schools. He is also very aware of the need to balance early adoption of new technology with security. Students in middle school turn that magic age of thirteen – the age at which their contributions to online communities begin to be recognized. Mr. Keil recognizes his responsibility to help his students successfully navigate the new waters associated with all technology. If you see him, tell him thanks for going to school in the summer!


 Like teachers across the state, Mr. Keil spends time preparing before students
come back from their summer breaks. For one thing, he’ll bring this computer lab
back to life before students arrive on the first day of school.

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