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Meet Spencer Chugg: FCCLA VP of Community Service

Spencer Chugg is a student at Pleasant Grove High School and an FCCLA State Officer. He has been involved in FCCLA since 2007 and attributes his success in school to his association with FCCLA. “FCCLA has affected my life in ways that are impossible to describe,” says Spencer. “I am so glad that I got the chance to ‘climb to my future’ with FCCLA.”

Question: Spencer, what made you decide to run for an FCCLA state office?
Answer: This is a hard question to answer since there are so many reasons! At my first FCCLA State Convention I saw the state officers stand up on the stage in their official uniform and at that moment I knew I wanted to be a state officer. It was something I knew I had to become. It was then my life goal to become an FCCLA State Officer. I wanted to try out in 8th, 9th, and then 10th grade, but I didn’t get the chance. Where am I now? I’m the Utah FCCLA State Officer of Community Service!

Question: As Vice President of Community Service what are your responsibilities?
Answer:  There are the basic responsibilities required for all state officers and responsibilities of my office. All state officers are required to submit a State Officer Report by the 10th of each month, attend chapter meetings, participate in projects, carry out workshops for State Fall Leadership, attend and organize an Area Conference, complete “Power of One” units, submit pictures of activities, and submit two articles for the FCCLA newsletter. My responsibilities are to write an Outreach Service Project article for the FCCLA newsletter, plan and coordinate a service project at State, and coordinate member incentives for affiliation.

Question: You recently participated in the CTSO Day on the Hill event at the Utah State Capitol. What was that experience like?
While at the Capitol I had the opportunity to answer many questions about FCCLA. Many people at the Capitol were government officials, employees, educators, or visitors. I had the opportunity to share basic facts about FCCLA and how the organization has affected my life. Many people had no idea what FCCLA was all about. I was given the chance to share my testimonial and tell how FCCLA has affected my life. I hope while I was there I got the chance to affect someone else’s life.

Question: What FCCLA event has had the most impact on your life?
Answer: The event that most affected me was when my FCCLA chapter (Pleasant Grove High School) did a service project where we helped children learn to ride bikes safely to school. Recently, my friend Rustin was run over by an SUV while we were walking home from school. From that point on I was determined that I would try to teach safety, to the best of my ability, to children. I learned from that experience that FCCLA was not work, but service.

Question: Tell us about the FCCLA “Climb to Your Future” initiative.
Answer: This year, our state FCCLA motto is “Climb to Your Future.” I think this models most of my FCCLA experience. I have had the chance to participate in FCCLA for almost six years. During this experience I have been changed so much. When you participate in FCCLA’s “Climb to Your Future”, you learn and get stronger. FCCLA makes you stronger physically and mentally. One of the best ways anyone can climb further into their future is by becoming an FCCLA State Officer. The opportunity to be an FCCLA State Officer this year has given me experiences beyond my wildest dreams. I have had the opportunity to go to Orlando, Florida, Washington D.C., and travel throughout Utah. Working with adult leaders and the FCCLA members has given me the opportunity to be an intimate part of FCCLA. The experiences I have gained will last a life time.

Question: What would you say to students thinking about joining FCCLA?
Answer: Do not let anything stop you from joining FCCLA. In FCCLA you get the chance to gain recognition for your accomplishments, travel throughout the state of Utah and to national conferences, participate in competitive events, network, make new friends, and develop leadership skills. I would then give a testimonial about how FCCLA has changed and affected my life. And say to each one, don’t let fear hold you back from running for a state office.

Question: How has your involvement in FCCLA prepared you for life after high school—college and career?
Answer: One of the best ways FCCLA has prepared me is through the classroom. FCCLA is directly linked to Career and Technical Education. FCCLA is classroom integrated through FCCLA national programs, competitive events, and service learning projects. The instructor’s standards of education are linked to the “Mission and Purposes” that guide the organization. I plan to be a teacher and through FCCLA I have seen what it is like to be a teacher. I learned how to plan and teach lessons and workshops. I can use the FCCLA planning process for all my goals and activities. FCCLA has made me organized and ready for college!

Spencer graduates in May and plans to continue his education at Utah State University where he will study Family and Consumer Sciences Education. He also plans to study Culinary Arts at Utah Valley UniversitySpencer wants to become a ProStart teacher and eventually an FCCLA adviser.

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