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Meet the Program Management Director of Symantec, Inc.: Cynthia Ann Sanders


Introducing… Cynthia Ann Sanders

A graduate of … West Jordan High School

Now working as … Director, Program Management – responsible for on-time delivery of enterprise software products to market.

Employer … Symantec, Inc.

Check out this website … http://www.linkedin.com – Cindy Sanders

AP English was her favorite class in high school because …“My teacher taught us how to think outside of the box.  The research and problem solving skills served me well throughout my career.”

Cynthia’s first job … Hotel Housekeeper.

The worst job?  Custodian in a grocery story.  On the plus side, having to clean up “disgusting” messes convinced Cynthia to pursue a college education so that she didn’t have to do that kind of work for the rest of her life.

Cynthia reports her most significant training beyond high school was … participating in the MIT Executive Leadership Program, entitled “Leading Change in Complex Organizations” and included the study of human behavior, as well as statistical and analytical analysis.

A Career Highlight … “Promotions are obvious achievements but not the most noteworthy. I enjoyed working the most when I was making a difference or having an impact on my company, co-workers, employees and shareholders.”

Advice to students: “Pick a career you can be passionate about, something you love to do. If you can find this, it won’t feel like work.”

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