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Occupations in Information Technology (IT)

IT workers are found in occupations with a computer-related focus. These occupations are found in nearly every organization, and not only are they in demand, they also pay higher than average wages. So how do you get started in an IT career? General computer literacy is a must, and more specific skills like wireless networking, familiarity with information security, problem-solving, and attention to detail are also important. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree is the usual educational qualification for the occupations listed in the table below. However, by linking to actual Utah job openings listed for these occupational titles, you will find that many employers are willing to work with students who have developed some technical expertise. For example, a link from Software Developer, Applications reveals a current job listing for a Junior Software Tester that invites students to apply. Similarly, Software Developers, Systems Software has a link to an opening for a Java Developer, for which the education level is “high school diploma,” though there are a number of high level skills needed in order to apply.

High school students who pursue an IT Pathway will most certainly have a competitive edge as they search for entry level jobs and apply to colleges. Learn about the opportunities for scholarships and student leadership development through your CTE Pathway participation. You can also read more about IT occupations, helpful certifications, and IT professional organizations in the Occupational Outlook Quarterly.



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