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Meet a Biologist: Monaca Noble


Introducing… Monaca Noble

A graduate of … Park City High School

Now working as … A Biologist and the Public Relations Coordinator for the Marine Invasions Research Lab

For the … Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, MD.

Check out the website … http://www.serc.si.edu/labs/marine_invasions/index.aspx

U.S. and World History were her favorite high school classes because … of a great teacher – Mr. Krinkle – who made history interesting and relevant.

Monaca’s first job – obtained through the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA) at age 14 – was at the Kamas Fish Hatchery (Utah Division of Wildlife Resources).

The worst job? Mold Cutter! Monaca had a temporary job cutting the mold off cheese in a factory; once the mold was removed, the cheese was turned into processed cheese products.

Advice to studentsStart working early and try to find jobs in your field as early as possible. Don’t wait until you have your degree to start getting experience. Look for opportunities and internships that allow you get experience and meet people as soon as you’ve selected your major. Don’t be afraid to leave home for the summer if that opportunity isn’t local.

And more …

about early work experiences:

  • My most significant job was probably the summer job I had at the Kamas Fish Hatchery. I worked there every summer from the time I was 14 though the end of high school. This job got me interested in natural resources and going to college. During college I had several great jobs that helped me towards a career in science.
  • The JTPA program was a program to help children in low income families get jobs and develop job skills.
  • During college I did several temporary jobs in order to earn money to live and continue with school. Many of these jobs were in local factories and were easy but monotonous. Working in the factories was an eye opening experience and gave me a new perspective about food and brands.

and other highlights:

  • Over the 6 years that I have been with the Marine Invasions Lab, I’ve been involved in a range of projects including conducting extensive port surveys along the US west coast, Canada, Asia, and New Zealand. Some of this research is described on the website: http://www.serc.si.edu/labs/marine_invasions/vector_ecology/bw_verification.aspx
  • Over the last year my focus has shifted from conducting research to writing about it and helping people understand the importance of introduced marine species and the transport mechanisms that result in new introductions. I also work to promote and grow our citizen science projects which help us collect information from a wider area and also help citizens get involved and learn about scientific research.
  • I always wanted to travel, and I have been so lucky to have been able to take so many jobs that allowed me to visit new places and really experience those places. Don’t be afraid to leave home!

Photos @work: (Taiwan, New Zealand, Korea)

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