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Meet a Marketing Director: Sarah Buttars


Introducing… Sarah Buttars

A graduate ofSky View High School

Now working as … A Marketing Director, where she has oversight of marketing budgets and plans, and community relations activities, including ad design and placement, quarterly newsletter writing and design, and administration of the scholarship program. She also represents Western Ag Credit at various industry-related events.

For … Western Ag Credit

Check out the website … http://www.westernagcredit.com

Yearbook was her favorite high school class because … this helped Sarah develop interview and writing skills

Sarah’s first jobmilking cows.

Sarah listed milking cows as her worst job as well – though she recognizes the role that early job played in motivating her to get additional education, and the agriculture background continues to be an advantage in her current job. In her words, “I enjoy the opportunity my current job gives me to work in agriculture without the 4:00 a.m. milkings.”

Advice to studentsMake sure you choose something that you love doing. Take pride in your work and do it to the best of your ability for your own sense of accomplishment and to ensure you are giving your employer your best work.

And more …

  • “Getting up at 4:00 a.m. to go to the milk barn where a plethora of un-pleasantries were possible (getting kicked, crapped on-literally, and freezing in the winter) oftentimes made it [milking cows] something to be endured from my perspective.” 
  • My first job after college was “Communications and Special Projects for a company that installed commercial stone exteriors.”
  • “Get advanced education! You are limiting your future potential by not receiving additional training/education.”

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