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PLTW: A Bridge to Join an Educated and Qualified Workforce

By Jerry Nelson, Technology and Engineering teacher at Two Rivers High School

We live in a fast paced world with various challenges. This requires unique and innovative solutions for both the workforce and the businesses they strive to serve. In education we need to understand and mitigate as many of the challenges as possible. Whether we strive to make people “college ready” or “job ready” our challenge is daunting. Project Lead the Way is a pre-engineering program that provides us a bridge to join an educated and qualified workforce with a great business by bringing them together at an early stage with good business skills and a quality education.

My educational philosophy has always been “You can dig a ditch with an education or without an education, but to get out of the ditch you need an education.” Project Lead the Way provides a way out of the ditch.

Project Lead the Way teaches students how to learn, how to solve problems and how to communicate results. If we need students to unlock the future we need to provide them with the right keys. This is a great program and I am proud to be a part of it.

Project Lead the Way: Igniting imagination and innovation through learning!

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